How to bait extremists!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Needle_Point, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. I love this.

    "British Muslim who entered Miss Universe contest receives death threat"

    Shanna Bukhari was subjected to a tide of online hate after entering the British heats of the beauty contest. Now she fears her life could be in danger

    British Muslim who entered Miss Universe contest receives death threat | UK news | The Observer

    "The censure has come from various quarters, ranging from Muslims who claim that she is denigrating the name of Islam, to white supremacists who say that an Asian cannot represent the UK, and to women who condemn beauty pageants as an affront to feminism."

    To bring unity to all in these confusing times is a thing of beauty (even if it is only pissing off loons of all colours and genders).

    (and yes I would, 'cos obviously I'm in her league).
  2. Radical feminists, religious fanatics and career racists all have something in common, along with anti-smokers, anti-drinkers, anti-hunters and many too numerous to name. They wish to impose their personal viewpoint on everyone else, by force if necessary.

    Despite the fact that their innate fascism is aimed at different goals, they are all united by the fact that bigotry, spite and intolerance are their principal characteristics.
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  3. Nothing like taking a shotgun approach to upsetting a broad spectrum of intolerant freaks
  4. I don't get how they select these women for "Miss Britain", you would not walk past her in the street and think she is amazing, she is 4 hairs away from rocking a mono-brow from hell.
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  5. Well I wouldn't mind licking her folded over hairy naan.
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  6. I quite agree. They should all be taken up the woods and shot.
  7. Don't get me wrong i would. But 95% of women i say every day i would, and i work in a morgue.
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  8. I hope she wins just so I could hear her speech. "And now we'll hear from Miss Britain". "Well, if I was to be Miss Universe, I would work towards world peace and feed starving children, then I'D KILL ALL THE YANKEE IMPERIALISTS AND THEIR JEW RUNNING DOGS AND ESTABLISH A WORLD-WIDE CALIPHATE. ALLAH AKHBAR!"
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  9. Ah the proud rainbow nation of British bigotry, I see a natavist got a pop in:

  10. Personally I'd like to give her a centre parting, tie her long hair round each of my thighs and play a game of "Keepie uppie" with my hips.

    You picky fucker.
  11. She's managed to piss everyone off from the local Iman to radical feminists to BNP types.

    Good girl, deserves to win on that basis alone. But agree with target_stop, she's nowt special to look at
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  12. Pictures please.
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    She's probably shaven mate, pubic hair is unclean in Islam. Well it is for blokes as is under arm hair. Just think all those Talibs you sent to Allah had no pubes or manly pit hair. Funny old world isn't it?
  14. This is Suzy, Suzy enjoys walks in the park and anal intercourse.

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  15. Really?

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