How to avoid Trick 0r Treat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Paint your Wellies silver with a bit of tinsel round the top

    Put them outside on your front doorstep tonight

    The litle monsters won't dare knock if they think Gary Glitter is living there
  2. Was there not room for the 'U' ? Best get a bigger pumpkin next year.
  3. Make it more personal?!
  4. One from Mrs cuckingfunt who it would appear is also a bit of a cuckingfunt.

    Put a note on the door saying "Trick or Treat - Please take one sweet from the bowl until they are all done."

    Then put an empty bowl underneath :D
  5. That would be all of Leeds then ;)
  6. I usually find sticking my erect penis through the letter box helps.
  7. Just had four kids come to the door, with mum and dad hanging around in the background. Being as I am dressed as a priest (about to go to a party) I thought time for some fun. I did the traditional scary thing (threw arms up like a frog surrendering, went 'raargh' and suchlike) the kids shit themselves and ran back to mummy who gave me the biggest evils ever. Their dad nearly pissed himself. I love Halloween.
  8. It's not really a tradition here in CZ... when I knocked on the granny in the flat downstairs' door ten minutes ago wearing a Stalin mask, she had a heart attack! :twisted:
  9. AAGF


    Mum - why is he showing us what an acorn looks like? Is that a special Hallowe'en outfit?
  10. Well personally im fookin gutted, im sat here dressed in a skeleton costume with mask and everything, a huge bag of sweets ready to dish out, and not one fookin kid has knocked on the door!

    My mrs reckons its because I called one of the neighbours a cnut, and they think im a bit of a meldrew, so they are avoiding our house.

    Im not even on a register, so fook knows.
  11. I've had about 40!

    Never knew so many Nepalese kids were into Halloween! 8O
  12. Hahaha you sad bastard.

  13. Sad? nah, I just refuse to grow up.
  14. That's 3 weeks of school packed lunches sorted then.

    Fcukin' Ghurkas, they'd get a piece at anyone's door.
  15. Ive got a couple of trick or treaters just arrived,I'm rolling a fat one for them to share,dropped an acid.The porn will going on shortly.