how to address recruiting sargeant on interview

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    got my 1st interview tomorrow, I am planning to do as well as i can, and hopefully get the 2nd interview done straight after the 1st.

    So the first interview is with my recruting sargeant and the second (on a guess) is the senior recruiter.

    How do i address the sargeant on my first interview, sir?, sargeant, also if i do mange to get my 2nd interview on the same day what do i say then?

    how likely am i to get both, will i have to be perfect in every way?

    also, ive got a suit to go in, some people say over the top. i dont think so, but i want to hear other peoples views.

  2. Suit all the way for interviews. Always have, always will!

    Apparently its quite common to get both interviews in one day, but I'm not sure how it is worked - whether its down to how soon you want to get in, if there's an intake in the near future or what!

    And as to addressing the sgts, I have no idea - I spoke to them like any prospective employer, politely and with respect. I didn't use any formal address.
  3. Personal oppinion;

    Call him sergeant unless he tells you to call him anything else. I don't know the score regarding 2 interviews in the one day , I did go for the same interviews as you but this was many moons ago aged 16, when thinking about joining as a crafty before other things got in the road. Surely they would give you one , establish roughly what you were interested in and suited to, send you off to contemplate, then bring you back at a later date?I wore a suit. Whats the sergeant going to think? He is smartly dressed obviously trying to make a good impression. If it makes you feel confident then wear it.
  4. Just don't call him "Sarge".
  5. so i can call him sargeant but not sarge right:p
  6. Feckin ell!!! He is a Sergeant. People in the Army call him Sergeant, he is used to be called Sergeant....take a wild guess what to call him?


    Yes, call him Sergeant

    and best of luck:)
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Call him either Sir, Guvnor, Boss, mate or mister and you'll do just fine.
  8. now i know you're taking the piss, calling the sergeant any of them wont make him happy at all :D
  9. Just call him Sarnt but be sure he is , he could very well be a staff or colour sergeant or even a WO. But if in doubt b epolite and call him sir he can't have any objection to that and if you're wrong he's likely to say "call me ............." Good luck and yes , wear the suit it never hurts to b eover tidy.
  10. Thats a fair point - my senior recruiter was a WO. And the general recruiter was a staff sergeant.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Okaaaaay, you got me.

    As a civvy and without being trained in the art of correctly addressing military ranks, he will be more than happy if you call him Sargeant - NOT Sarnt or variation thereof. Make sure he's got three stripes on his arm, if he's only got two, then call him Corporal; if he's got 1 stripe, call him Lance Corporal. Anything more than three stripes, ie: if he's got three stripes and a crown, or pips on his shoulders, then go for Sir.

    If he's got curly grey hair and a crown on his head, call him ma'am and bow.

    Good luck.
  12. Three stripes on sleeve = Sergeant
    Three stripes and Crown = Infantry-Colour, Anyone else-Staff
    Big Crown on bottom of sleeve or arm = Warrant Officer = Sir
    Pips and/or Crowns on shoulder = Sir,
    That should clear things up for you, and remember be polite. Good luck.
  13. just call him/her Sergeant or sir/Ma'am, either way you will be fine.