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Discussion in 'Officers' started by brattie, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I need to contact a STWO and was wondering, as a Captain, how I should actually ask for him when I phone the unit? Do I ask for WO2.... or Mr...., or something totally different that the army forgot to tell me? I've only ever spoken to the guys in our unit (fairly informal on a drill night) and don't want to make a total prat of myself when I contact another unit!

  2. Depends what’s his appointment.

    WO2(SQMS) – “Q”, or if he is the RQMS – “RQ”.

    WO2(SSM) – Sergeant-Major.

    If you don’t know then just WO2…..

    If WO1 then Mr……unless he’s the RSM, then RSM.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Good god, what are they teaching officers these days?
  4. Welcome to the site, Brattie!

    I do not know what an STWO is and the wiki doesn't help me, either!

    Ask for WO2 HisNameHere.

    When talking to him, the form of address depends on whether he is a Sarn't Major or a Q. Ask him! If his badge is a crown, it is the former; if it has a girdle of laurel leaves, it is the latter.

    Mr HisNameHere is used for WOs Class 1, although in a unit I would use RSM or ASM.

  5. Speechless.... 8O
  6. When will you lot learn, the clue is in the question.

    Captain, Drill Night, Total prat of myself.

    What officer would ask such a question on the internet. A grey shoe wearing, Bichon owning officer probably.
  7. In some Regiments the RQMS and/or RQMS(T) might also be addressed as Mr
  8. . . . .and an illiterate one to boot! :roll:
  9. Got to be a Wahh.

    A three pipper doesnt know how to address a Warrant Officer- pish!
  10. "Conductor" if your chap happens to be a Conductor in the RLC.
  11. Well if he is in the Cavalry it would be

    Ah Mr Thingy, whatever your name is ........... you fellow!! I say!! Yes you chappy!!
  12. If I may;

    Too late.
  13. You could just try "mate". Saves you the tiresome burden of needing to remember his name. Usually goes down well.

    One of my Rfn tried it with a visiting Briagadier once, and the world didn't come to an end...Pl Comd's subsequent discussion with the Adjt was interesting though.
  14. A mere Capt should only ever speak to us Warrants through a 3rd person.

    You should never make eye contact with us and should keep your eyes lowered, whilst stood to attention (or as close to that posture as an officer can get), keep your head bowed.

    Start each and every sentence with 'Oh majestic one, full of knowledge and power, this mere mortal, a worthless worm no less, humbly seeks permission to speak to you on some last minute .com problem, meaning i have been given a task i really don't know how to complete and have left it too late to sort it with my limited abilities', we then will give either a thumbs up or down, as we recline on our lounger eating grapes and drinking spiced nectar, to your spokesman, who must be of at least Major rank to be able to talk to us on an equal level.

    Seriously though, unless it is an RSM or ASM, call us Mr. Most of us don't get a cock stand being addressed as Q or S'rnt Major, even if you get it the wrong way around

    I believe that is the correct term, and also why 2nd LT and Lts are addressed as Mr, to show them that they may be superior in rank to us, but not experience or knowledge.

    Well thats what i was taught anyway :D
  15. Sorry Gentlemen, these are very sloppy drills that have crept in recently. For instance "Q" is a fictional character from the James Bond Movies - not an appropriate form of address for a senior Warrant Officer of the British Army.

    The correct forms of address for the British Army are:

    WO1 - "Sergeant Major" or Regimental Sergeant Major"

    WO2 with Leaf surrounding crown - "Quartermaster Sergeant"

    WO2 - "Company/Squadron Sergeant Major"

    if a Warrant Officer has a particular appointment this should be acknowledged; for instance "Master Chef" (RLC) or "Senior Musketry Instructor" (SASC or APTC).

    I hope this helps.