How to access files in an OEM ghost image?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 4(T), Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Problem:

    I have a new Asus Eee 901 Win XP version, with MS Works 9.0 as OEM install. I tried to install "MS Office Standard Upgrade", which should recognise the Works 9.0 as legit. Unfortunately, a known MS bug means Works 9.0 does not provide the correct info to Office, so the installation fails.

    There is an MS patch for Works 9.0 to fix this, but the patch itself fails - because it asks to see the original Works 9.0 installation files ("works9.msi").

    I also cannot make any changes to the XP set-up, as it also asks to see the XP installation disks.

    The Eee 901 comes with a single support disk containing the utilities and drivers. Unfortunately, the XP - and presumably the Works 9.0 - appear to be in a ".gho" file. This means that problems 1 & 2 above cannot be resolved, because there appears to be no way to make the requested files visible.

    Asus tech help are useless - only a premium rate phone number with a gimp who directs me to the retailer (who will of course direct me back to Asus...).

    What can I do in this situation, without full XP/ Works files to work from. Is there a way of unzipping a ghost image to reveal the files?
  2. If you have MS office, why would you install MS Works? Use word. (unless I am misunderstanding what you've written?)

    There's a patch the you can install that will let Word open Works files.
  3. If you have already got XP CD Key then just download a copy of XP off the net. Same with Works 9.0.
  4. He's got an upgrade version mate - it wants to see a valid Works disc to allow the upgrade, and his is all tied up in a ghost image.

    You will need Norton Ghost Explorer to view the gho file.

    you have PM.
  5. Oh I see. Agreed with Binder.
  6. Thanks for all the input fellas; much appreciated.