How times change - or not?

I remember in the dim distant past a cricket umpire deciding that the condition of a ball had been changed, and there was no good reason other than unlawful interference.

Of course, the reaction was near-riots in Pakistan as their entire nation and religion were being insulted. Their imported coach even expressed the view that the laws were wrong and that ball-tampering should be allowed.

Imagine my surprise when I learn that two players have been sent home to Pakistan as they've tested positive for nandrolone.

There's only one explanation, and it's time to bring on the sacrificial goat. But just how did Darrell Hair do it?. - one for Inspector Clouseau methinks.
Ahhhh, but the Pakistani coach is satisfied that they will be found innocent. Apparantly, they both took medicine issued by the Doctor, and they took it without having it checked out first. Well you would, wouldnt you....

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