How thoughtful!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DozyBint, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. How about this for a personalised gift?

    Clicky linky...

    MDN and Cuts are the prime suspects, but for the rest of you, who would you most like to send this most personal of gifts? It's a very special treat, after all, it comes from the very depths of your being...
  2. Some might be tempted to do the same with Tony Blair, but personally i wouldn't give the steam off mine, on the other had he's been giving his sh1t for 10 years so it's a fair swap i suppose.
  3. Got to be some good DNA knocking about there I would think ?
  4. If the sender is partial to a bit of anal there might be a few people's DNA...
  5. Why waste the time, postage and packaging on a **** like the PM?

  6. Don't be getting any ideas. It's a criminal offence to send sh1t through the post. I found this out when my missus was in hospital.

    I bought a wallpaper scraper to clean the toilet in the ward. It was encrusted with dried diarrhea. I had hoped to scrape off a generous sample and post it to the hospital's chief exec.

    Fortunately, a solicitor friend advised me of the likely consequences (prosecution, fine, criminal record, loss of security clearance etc, etc).
  7. I think i've just found the perfect mothers day gift... Ahhh that'll take her back.