How they get artists impressions of suspects so accurate...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. is it wrong that me and the missus found this fucking funny? :D


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  2. No, you are not wrong, it is funny.

    reminds me of the joke about the police finding a mans head. They have a good idea who it formerly belonged too, so pop along to see the widow.

    Police Sgt whips the head out of the bag, holding it at waist height, asks the widow if this is her bloke, she replies that it does look a bit like him, but he was taller than that. Boom Boom.
  3. from my days in the police it generraly relied on suposition , even something half right alowed for some progress but you had to always be aware of not leading the accusor in thier discriptions
  4. Hint: The dotted red line under a word indicates a misspelling, right click on that word and it gives you the correct spelling or alternative possibilities. A sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Hope this helps. ;)
  5. FFS! Looking at your spelling I bet your conviction rate was fucking meagre... I suppose all your potential prosecutions never made it past the Janet and John stage.
  6. Fcuk me! Dyslexic of Dock Green's on the case!
  7. it may come as a suprise but i have laerned to be happy about my condition , i could barely wright when i left school so feel i have come on leaps and bounds , i dont bloody remembar education centers on camp when i was in , i had to do it myself so i wont apologise now for the odd infractein , can we get back to the topic ?
  8. So nothing's changed then?
  9. if im going to folowwed round here and verbaly abused then ill take my leave i notise we have no takers to come educte the cadets with all your expiriences ? thought not
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ooooooohh hnadbags at 100 pases!
  11. RPI Mtae, is't a tbi sduyt ni hree.
  12. You say you're dyslexic, is that based on a formal diagnosis or just your own opinion (or an excuse for a lack of formal education)? What steps do you take to aid you in spelling and reading? Have you bothered to get a dyslexia programme for your computer?
    The reason I ask this is because dyslexia sufferers have enough to contend with without having people blame their educational shortcomings on Dyslexia and thus water down the brand.
    As I have already pointed out to you if you misspell a word on here there is a little red dotted line underneath the word you have misspelled and if you right-click on that word it will offer corrections for you. To suffer from Dyslexia is one thing but to be too bone idle to spell check is quite another.
    I am full of admiration for men and women who give of their time to give youths direction and structure in their lives. However by dressing up in inappropriate uniform you appear to be acting out your own fantasies rather than being a role model for your cadets. We have other cadet instructors on here, MWL often posts but most of her posts are about promoting her cadets rather than herself, do you see the vital difference?
    Your posts on this site so far have done nothing to endear you to the membership, you clearly don't remember the humour and comradeship that used to be such a vital part of Service life, such a pity since you seek to inspire the youth of today. Do you wonder, given the way you represent yourself on here that no-one shows any inclination to help you with your cadets?
    I suggest that you start by applying the 10 second rule to your posts; stop and think for 10 seconds, ask yourself "How will this be perceived by the other members?". Get off your high horse, stop acting like a pompous windbag and start presenting yourself in such a manner as to encourage serving members, who are near your location, to consider a visit to your cadets.

    Remember: Nulli Secundus
  13. I disagree Mark. Loads of arrsers would be more than willing to shape his young charges - WaltOfTheWalts, semper, LittleJackHorner and the most famous arrser (honorary) of them all - Paul Gadd.
  14. All that glitters and all that?
  15. oh for fucks sake guys. i give you two headless terrorists, and you get sidetracked by the WAH-monster!

    he got me to start with yesterday, but i thought he was just a knob.

    "CptCorelli", take a bow whoever you are. your "dsyliexa" is just a little too carefully bad to be plausible.

    p.s. i like the carefully planted pic as well. you knew people would start digging and find it ;)