How the spams deal with looters


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Septic special 'hearts and minds' troops spreading joy in the local community.

Total waste of training time for theses street gang style thugs. Wasters in uniform that bring disgrace and discredit on professional septics.

Wonder did they get disciplined for this act of wanton destruction?

I think this was the one where it turned out the septics just destroyed that guys living by wrecking his car. So whats he gonna do now? P1ssed off, no job....start fighting back maybe? Excellent way to work fellas.


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Bunch of tits.


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So, from the President down, you can get a waiver for criminal behaviour and then go and preach legality to people in another country (that you've invaded illegally and on a lie).

The world's policeman eh?

I think we should employ the US to work the Met's beat. They'll feel right at home.

Maybe I'm just being cynical.
reddog said:
I note from reading a few post's on this forum, that some members are less than impressed, with the quality of US personell at the sand pit. Does this help at all?

I think that if you came into my part of town, acted like a tit in uniform and destroyed my transportation and enjoyed it.......well, I might be inclined to IED your arrse! You would be returning to base one soldier light!

This clip showed ill educated, heavily armed hillbillys trashing a civilian's property and acting like a certain group of soldiers some time ago with crooked crosses on their arms. Same theme, different story!



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"US Army. Tankers rule" !! Congratulations you stupid fücks. Brilliant piece of hearts and minds at work there. Reading the article provided by reddog answers a few of the questions that spring to mind though.

Fastmedic, I can see your point, but at least the people you´re talking about were efficient. No real need to put two mags into the vehicle only to drive over it with the tank afterwards. Mind you, the vehicle was probably resisting a bit too much and the dickheads in question probably felt that they were in great danger !!!

There again, perhaps the Iraqi hadn´t been looting at all, but it was rather a case of the cünts having the feeling that they weren´t being paid enough "respect" and were being "dissed". At least that would fit in with their mentality and subsequent behaviour !

Thank fück these morons are only a minority.......

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