How the SAS Selection compares

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Qosmio, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. The UK 22SAS/SB selection is the most famous and the original, with lots of long stomps in the hills. The Aussie version is reported to be very tough with elements of Sleep and food deprivation and small team quick decision exercises thrown into the mix. Not sure about the Kiwi version?
    Just wondering if blokes out there had experiences of these various selections and had opinions on how they compare?
  2. NZSAS selection was covered in a recent documentary shown on one of the satellite channels. Not every part of it was shown, but they were hot on fitness, followed by more fitness, then some fitness. Once physical fitness has been pushed to it's limits, mental fitness comes to the fore.
    Noticed that you (the Original Poster) are from Oz. UKSAS are far more reticent than Aus SAS. When I was in Freo recently, Aus SAS were in the news for being involved in a search party for someone or other. It was no biggie. UKSAS would not be so forthcoming about who they are.
  3. daywalker

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    There is only 1 selection....
  4. With all due respect fella, I doubt you'll get many informed answers on here. I know of at least 1 Regiment guy on here that has never, ever laid in on a subject about "them" and tends to giggle at the ones that are commented on, so I very much doubt if any others unknown to me ever will.

    By all means ask about the SBS though, as they are primarily RM or RN, they'll give you anything (including their Ipods and weapons) if you threaten them with a gun boat :)

    (Awaits incoming from our homosexual cousins)
  5. Hilarious :D
  6. As opposed to being the history of failed missions. :p
  7. "Cough" Ryan! MaNab! "Cough". :D
  8. What about the Rhodesian SAS Selection ? I recall reading that because of their unique situation, their process was to train all of the candidates first, then select whom they wanted in the unit.
  9. As an institution, not as individuals (though there are still plenty of individuals who have reason aplenty to stay in the shadows).
  10. Pongo b_astard :D
  11. Only if you put on your Victoria's Secret Bustierre and those rather fetching Polly Perkins Hold ups you wore last time and then assume the position. :wink:
  12. I do selection every morning, in the scoff house in the reg............cooked breakfast or cereal? it pushes me to my limit every time. I imagine every countrys SF selection is going to make you hang out your arse and is prity hardcore....even the italians and french must have a half decent selection process to complete, before they become the ultimate sneaky beaky surrender monkeys......and by the way, i normally go with the cooked breakfast
  13. Might be a bit hard to apply for selection on that one :D
  14. I think a lot of that comes from the 22SAS work in Northern Island and now the war on Terror and the requirement of protected identity for the safty of the soldiers and their families. As well as their covert unconventional ops.
    These days the Aussie regiment has similar threats and mission profiles and keeps individual identities protected. Apart from VC recipients!
    The Aussie SAS began in the jungles of Borneo and Vietnam as a fairly conventional Recon unit (Based on the Original British model of the SAS). Their identity was not hidden and in fact they used to parade on Anzac day in Perth in full uniform until about 1997.
    When recent conflicts and world events occurred, E Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan and the increased terrorist threat in the Asian region, the Aussie SAS started protecting their identity for the same reason 22SAS do.
    They have been used as a bit of a political PR tool by notable PM John Howard. He often made reference to them.
    Often, however, the Australian media uses the term SAS or SAS commandos, when the unit involved is actually 4 RAR (Commando), the Aussie regular Commandos. Generally the PR photos of the Aussie SAS are actually the Commandos.
  15. I had a good laugh to see 'SAS are you tough enough?'. Run by ex 22SAS DS. In one episode a girl won.
    Yet to see an Aussie Version.