How the Romans had a hand in the design of Challenger 2

Discussion in 'REME' started by Devilishdave, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Think about this,

    The most modern tank in the world is based on the size of the train tunnel.

    The train tunnel is based on the width of the gauge of the train.

    The gauge of the train is based on the width of the axles.

    The axles were based by the width that the coachbuilders built them in the 18c.

    The width was based on the width of a horse drawn coach.

    The width of a coach was based on the width of the ruts in the road so as not to break the axles.

    The Romans determined the width of the road.

    The Romans made them wide enough to get a chariot down.

    The width of a chariot was determined by the width of two horses side by side.

    So you are telling me that the most modern bit of kit in the British army is based on a horses arse.

    Makes sense!

    "Bloody Romans"
  2. but ultimately - how has this anything to do with REME???
  3. Same as the Space Shuttle crash was ultimatly the fault of the Romans too.

    The first stage rocket boosters had to be designed in such a way as to fit in a train tunnel from the manufacer (I'm drunk so spelling is cak) to the launch site....

    And the follow the width of 2 horses asses to the Roman chariot thing....
  4. Well it's more interesting than the usual "We're great / craftsmen today/ the corps is gone to hell / Techs are cack / VMs are gods / Tiffies are spineless" threads, isn't it?
  5. well i thought it was up lifting and informative, thank you DD. now where's my meds
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    But who invented the chariot...
  7. Horses wouln't exist if it hadn't been for Noah, who put a couple of them in his Ark

    Noah wouln't exist if he hadn't been descended from Adam and Eve

    And Adam and Eve couldn't have had sprogs if it hadn't been for the snake that tempted with the apple.

    Even though they knew it was wrong, they ate the apple anyway and that's because God gave them free will

    So God invented modern day battle tanks
  8. can't argue with that sound reasoning, so based on that, God loves us to kick ass in a chally 2!
  9. Problem:

    Standard gauge was chosen for the first main-line railway, the LMR, by the British engineer George Stephenson, because it was already a de facto standard in the north of England where Stevenson had designed and built many tramlines and engines. Whatever the origin of the gauge it seemed to be a satisfactory choice: not too narrow and not too wide.

    There is a story that rail gauge was derived from the rutways created by war chariots used by Imperial Rome, which everyone else had to follow to preserve their wagon wheels, and because Julius Caesar set this width under Roman law so that vehicles could traverse Roman villages and towns without getting caught in stone ruts of differing widths. A problem with this story is that the Roman military did not use chariots in battle. However, an equal gauge is probably coincidence. Excavations at the buried cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum revealed ruts averaged 4 ft 9 in (1448 mm) center to center, with a gauge of 4 ft 6 in (1372 mm). The designers of both chariots and trams and trains were dealing with a similar issue, namely hauling wheeled vehicles behind draft animals.

    Brunel on the Great Western Railway chose a broader gauge partly because it offered greater stability and capacity at high speed, but also because the Stephenson gauge was not scientifically selected. The Eastern Counties Railway chose five-foot gauge, but soon realised that the lack of compatibility was a mistake and changed to standard gauge.

    In 1845 a British royal commission recommended adoption of standard gauge, and in the following year Parliament passed the Gauge Act, which required that new railways use standard gauge. Except for the Great Western Railway's broad gauge, few main-line British railways used a different gauge, and the Great Western was finally converted to standard gauge in 1892.
  10. and an Abrams too, but try telling that to Hizbollah, they'll tell you that God invented the Katushka :worship:
  11. wikipeadia's great init! :wink:
  12. too right...I'm not a spotter, choooochooo :slow:
  13. see that guy on the platform Howayman?


    that's you that is.
  14. I was going to say fair one.

    but then the spotters arrived...
  15. Didnt they just?!

    What the feck are they on about?

    Christ I need normality..................

    Techs SUCK!