How the Picadilly Komandoes had GI Joe !


WW II report on GI and young 'Ladies"

When I first came to Bangkok many years ago I got into a conversation with a bunch of Yankee old hands.
Tales of Young Ladies where told, from Japan post war to Korea, Nam, Laos and of course Bangkok in the good old days.
The Mods would ban me for telling such tales, but one old Hand says to me
Young Man you know the best place I ever went for poontang ?
England 43-44, you wouldn't beleive what those girls would do for a pair of Nylons.


Just look what some of them on this site are prepared to do. They'll even lie about their age.
My recollection is that ther was no need for any American (or, for that matter, any foreign) soldier to pay for sex. There were any number of keen young amateurs who were - literally - giving it away. The doors into the Rainbow Room were hidden from sight by crowds of totty. Like the gates on US camps in Seoul used to be.
This sort of reporting would have been supressed so that dads and boy friends serving overseas did not have to worry what his 'little girl' was up to.
I particularly liked the quote
"immoral" women "preyed" on the troops
That sounds very much like the NAAFI forum :wink:


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You only need to look at casualty figures for both World Wars to see what an impact VD on all troops. Clearly a reason for licensed brothels full of lovely clean ladies for the use of troops(and of course in these days of equality some men as well!)

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