How the party of Crooks and Thieves "elects" itself to the Russian Parliament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Dec 5, 2011.

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    The origianl of the article in Russian

    A journalist penetrated into a group of hired "voters" who were given this instruction

    The group (one of 4 groups, each 40 persons) was to visit 7 polling stations, all in relatively small district in Moscow.

    I believe that Western leaders should stop all personal contacts with Moron Putin and his little puppet, so called 'president' Medvedev.

    The West must show Russian Crooks and Thieves that they are not handshakable.

    Russian TV keeps silence about this case
  2. Another trick.

    Sibiria, a big city of Novokuzntsk.

    Observers form different parties checked ballot boxes (that they are empty). The boxes were sealed and then the observers were invited to another room for 'instructions' but then they returned they detected a lot of ballots in the boxes 15 minutes before start of voting.

    Please send a letter to your MP to initiate a request from British government about these falsifications.
  3. On the other hand, we know Putin is dodgy. It is up to you lot to sort this out.

    Don't be an idiot. Even if enough MPs got on their high horses about it, that has so little effect on HMG policy that it is laughable. Now, then, as a putative Soviet, how much attention do you think that Putin or his puppet would pay to a nastygram from Hague?

    If the impact is going to be zero, why should we put in the effort?
  4. Is not our the UK Election System open to fraud ? Have there not been several outrages concerning Postal Voting over the past few General Elections ? ... I would prefer time was spent by MP's correcting our own system .
  5. When I saw the thread's title I thought that it was about our government.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I believe that the West should wind in its neck and let foreign people sort themselves. Or not. Had our leaders considered this, 570 Brits would be breathing air today rather than breathing their last in Iraq and Afghan. Two countries who maybe should enjoy freedom and democracy but not at the cost of British treasure and blood.

    Good luck in sorting out Putin and his chums, but it aint our fight.
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  7. Yeah..!!..but what about 'realpolitik'..its winter..cold..what about the gas..!!..??
  8. [​IMG]

    I'd vote for him!
  9. Have they still got the natural gas we need?
  10. Is..ooops..'was' the Pope a Nazi..!!
  11. Couldn't agree with this more. Just let them do their thing and fix their own issues, we have enough problems at home. It's like America dealing with Iran at this time. I understand that there is a much bigger picture that plebs like me cannot see but it's like they have an angry gorilla in a cage. And in order to calm it down, they're poking it with a big stick.
  12. Not just postal voting. Remember the Glenrothes by election? The one that had Gordon biting his fingers to the bone 'cos Glenrothes had been Labour since the dawn of time and the polls said it would go to the SNP.

    When irregularities were alleged after the election, it was discovered that all of the evidence of the election, from the actual votes to the records of the returning officer had been mysteriously "lost" from the unspecified "secure place" in which they were kept.

    With ingrained political corruption and a healthy disregard for electoral law, we should be welcoming the Russians into the family of western democracies. I bet they'd qualify for EU membership if they wanted it and if they don't fancy Putin for President, I hear that nice Mr Berlusconi has time on his hands.
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  13. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    What happens in Russia is of direct consequence to me so I tend to watch the news very carefully, but in the main, Russian elections are Russia's problems and letters to MPs would not be of any use whatsoever.

    Certainly the vote for duma this week was "affected" but Putin is losing public approval. Probably at the lowest point since the Kursk tragedy. My fear is that Putin may become increasingly frustrated with democratic process and just take office in the old Soviet style.

    The Russian economy is in the same state as the rest of the world - ie rubber ducked - and its not all the fault of Medvedev or Putin. Russian bankers are held in the same esteem as our beloved bankers here. I find Putin to be a mudak but just only slightly less of a mudak than Cameron.
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  14. Hi Mercurydancer,

    Previously I thought that highly esteemed mr.Cameron is a 'mudak'. However, now at least I begin to change my mind. As for mr.Putin then 'mudak' the most soft word that can be used toward him.

    From my point of view he had a rare opportunity to become a prominent political figure with his name written by golden letters in the Russian history. But he missed this opportunity and instead created a crooked corrupted system of power founded on rigged 'elections'. In fact mr.Putin is backed only by thieving officials and those who are brainwashed by shameless Putin's agitprop.

    Yes, of course it is our domestic problem, not your one. However, it would be helpfull if Russian FM mr.Lavrov, heads of Parliamentary comissions for foreign relations mssrs Kosachov and Margelov would be asked about wrongdoings during the last parliamentary elections. They look as ones in a banana state. Thus a letter (letters) that I ask about would be not absolutely useless.

    Also, if the West is so eager to establish democracy in remoter corners of the World sometimes usin brutal force then it would be logical to expect at least a tough accusation toward Russia.

    MrPutin is becoming a dictator. It is a more and more evident fact. Our 'elections' are farce.