how the hell can the Gunners be so wrong?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by jumpinmonkey, May 6, 2013.

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  1. the title of this thread will clearly open a mass of comedy abuse but it's time to pull up the soap box and rant!

    Regular adjutant fails 2 x PFT or whatever they are called now, and what do the gunners do? berate him and put him on a 3 month bender like the rest of he soldiers would be (obviously with a detailed remedial PT programme); how stupid of me to think so. surely it would be fairer to promote the poor soul to an acting major and give him a Battery to command. Having failed a PFT prior to leave you would have thought the self conscious and diligent officer would train some of his fat ass off to regain some credibility and allow a modicum of understanding for the slave to his desk; however on return from leave the Gym buster played a blinder stating CO's PT would be a steady state run. Great bluff! once all were assembled in the gym the programme had changed to a PFA. The last man in (behind a soldier has tried to discharge for failing PFT's) was the adjutant, with a time that a girl wouldnt pass with.

    am I wrong to be offended by this preferrential treatment of a chief cake eater? lead from the front??
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  2. Fair play, he should have passed, but there could be a med reason.
  3. Craphats. Enough said.
  4. .
    Who cares, you're miles behind the front line anyway.
  5. no med reason
  6. Sounds like normal policy. Fail 2 x PFA's in the same trg year and get put on a bender. Policy applies to everyone. If he was smart he would have known the QMSI was bluffing and arranged an urgent phonecall at the same time.
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  7. Don't be silly, without double standards, it just wouldn't be the Royal Artillery now would it, or did you ever hear of an Artillery Officer's body being used as a gun plank?
  8. And you know because?

    Maybe you do work in the med centre and have access to his medical notes for a legitimate purpose. Or maybe not.
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  9. I'm sure most capbadges have a few bluffing phys lizards.
  10. Or maybe he is just lazy?
  11. Can't see the problem. It's only a PFT. He's probably excellent at other aspects of his role.
  12. True, but a 10:30 PFT is hardly difficult for someone who's fully fit.
  13. Yes, but if you're busy and can't generally be arsed. After all there's a job to do, maybe he was covering for some gurner who was always away playing sport.
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  14. Agreed might have a med reason, might have better things to do (he is the Adjt afterall).

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  15. Perhaps his fitness level is indicative of the overall importance placed on fitness in the unit? I served in units where the emphasis on personal fitness varied wildly - although if the CO did not care for it, that attitude seemed to pervade....
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