How the hell can NatWest have a sale?

I can see how DFS would have a sale. Warehouses full of old stock, new lines coming in and nowhere to put them. Sell old kit at lower price to shift it and to make space. If you're happy with last years sofa (because who the fuck other than the mrs and her gobby friends really cares?) then crack on and get it for cheap.

I'm getting the feeling that NatWest would rip me off all year round if they could. They can afford to take a price cut just like DFS but loans and house insurance aren't physical objects. "Ah boss we've fucked up! All these 2007 bank notes are taking up valuable warehouse space, and everyone's going to want the new shiny 2008 banknotes in store by monday." Me thinks not.

I tell you what NatWest, stick your "Winter Sale" up your cheap-pin-stripe-suited arrse.

Rant over!

Money is a commodity like sofas, cars & Tesco pizzas. All they are doing is lowering the price of borrowing money or reducing the cost of insurance to win business against their rivals.

A rather smart move to attract new business. All we do in Banking is lend money at a rate. We pay you 3% on savings and lend your money out at 5.5% and we pocket the difference.

If your not happy with UK Banking simply don't save with us and keep your money in a biscuit tin and don't bother with a mortgage the shower of whores that we are.

Try borrowing £300K Stg from the family for a house and don't bother using ATM's, Debit Cards or a Credit Card.

By the way I wear a pin stripe suit and am now a Corporate Banker but not with Gnat West.
58 Pattern,
I seem to have offended you, that was not the point of my post so appologies for that for starters.

It grips my shit that NatWest (and it is only NatWest who I have this problem with) seem to be bending over backwards to lend people money so much so that they are offering this so called winter sale yet I have personally had probelms with them in the past regarding charges etc, which I'm sure most people have had with most banks. My experiance of their staff (admittedly only at a branch and call centre level) is that they are late-teenage snobs in cheap pin stripe suits with little or no experiance, in effect, smartly dressed robots that can take your money and put it into your account, and can give you money when asked but can do little else such as solve clerical errors.

What I should probably have mentioned in my first post (hammered out with clenched fists whilst in the blind rage at seeing the advert on the telly) is that maybe instead of offering sales at some points in the year to attract business, and having higher rates at others, wouldn't a slightly higher than average average rate but with the excess/profits returned into the business with education/training/manners/talent for their junior staff be more beneficial to all?

My post was actually a question (as you noticed) so thanks for answering that. Now I can pretend to be inteligent when my idiot mates ask how the hell NatWest can have a sale!

Know how you feel....

Made the mistake of actually going into my local branch to inquire why it took so long for my wages to clear my account and pop into the into the Mrs... I was hit by a wall of spin and.. did I want to take out a lone, given their "products" were on a holiday seasonal sale... Apparently if I too out more money than I could afford to pay back in time I would be an even more valued member....

I almost had a christ(very small c) and the money lenders moment, fortunately the wife pied me away mid rant with the promise of ale.... :x

Alas banks are a business, and like most things in blighty at the mo.. it's fcuk em all :(


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cernunnos said:
A bank having a sale is like Italy having an Army. Pointless!
I think you're being very rude about the Itie Army. They look very stylish and lend swagger and grace to any military parade.

(Assuming they arrive on time)

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