how the fatherland has changed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grumblegrunt, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    its been nearly 20 years since I was last over here and I reckon its gone seriously downhill.

    the lack of threat to the nation and its gone to pot. bumpy roads, weeds and litter everywhere. If it wasnt for the driving on the wrong side, the houses and the fact they still have industry I would have put us in blighty.

    down in central bf tonite and it was scruffy.

    when did it go tits up or is it just getting on a bit now?
  2. Have they got rid of the camps?
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  3. Haven`t been over that neck of the woods for 9 years now. Then there were still loads of camps full of our piss heads. Oh, have I got it wrong?
  4. I've lived in Germany for (Bloody Hell??? 30 years now? Christ almighty...) sometime, and I'd say the rot set in in the early to mid 90's. Autobahns are in rotten shape now compared to the 80's, litter all over as you mentioned, and the trains are no longer the punctual miracle they once were.
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Es ist alle ganz anders seit der Wende.
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  6. I was in a place called München last weekend (we'd set off for Munich but couldn't find any signs for the fucking place, so thought "this'll do").

    I have to say the place was absolutely immaculate and fitted in every way every warm description I had ever given Mrs Carrot about Der Vaterland when referring to certain edited highlights of aspects of my behaviour during and enjoyment of our glorious BAOR campaign.

    Fair enough it's a tourist hotspot, and it's the height of Sommer, but the feel was just right. The dog's bollocks, in fact. Very expensive though, but without representing a rip-off, if you know what I mean - and if you want to do cheap, you can; I've always rated Boxhead junk food as the best that money can buy. Mrs C has more esoteric tastes but hey, I wasn't complaining. On the other hand, we looked in a supermarket just for the sake of it and it was well cheap compared to here, for most things.

    Maybe the Ruhrgebiet/Rheinland etc. has suffered 'cos it is/was an industrial powerhouse?
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  7. Stay in Germany, is my advice. It's much worse over here. Bikers going down pot holes bigger than the Beaumont Hammel crater (did I mention the war? Sorry), motorways full of traffic and suicidal Lithuanian artic drivers, 75 bins outside every house and a Bin Fuhrer mit Einzatsgruppen to ensure that we all put the right rubbish in the right bin, before they dump the whole lot in a landfill in Didcot.

    Apart from all those Turks, I reckon life is going to be a lot better in Germany than here.
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  8. The place is suffering ,as we and the rest of Europe are, from an invasion of Third World parasites. What is so hard to understand?
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  9. Where in Germany are you?
  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Bayern and the Schwarzwald are still doing well. I was chatting with a load of hikers up by Mallaig last week (just to improve my Deutschefaehigkeiten, verstehen Sie) and it sounds as though the Mittelstand there remains strong.
  11. Allez uber der platz. Dorset really.
  12. Back in 1980 just after I got married (for the first time) my Father in Law came to visit us at our MQ. He stayed for a week and I swear, that at least twice he day he would ask out loud as to who won the war?

    He couldn't believe how clean it was, every other car was 'ganz neur, the loos in restaurants and cafes were gleaming, the service was 1st class and most civvies were smartly dressed.

    And this was grotty old Oznatraz FFS.

    I hadn't really noticed it before his visit.

    He was Kings Reg on a Bren carrier towards the end of WW2. Good old boy.
  13. Started going downhill when the Germans swapped the Brits for the Russians. In about 10 years Germany will be like the UK now.....I dread to imagine what the UK will evolve into.

    Having said that - the standard of living is still good here and hopefully will remain so.
  14. We've got the Garbage Gestapo here as well, and as for the Turks, better them than the Russians claiming to actually be boxheads. At least they sell cheap veggies and some decent Doners.
  15. I live mid terrace in a small village near BZZ. We have to have:

    1: A big bin for household rubbish
    2: A Big bin for gardening rubbish
    3: A recycling box for empty cans
    4: Another recycling box for empty cans
    5: 2 Food Waste bins, which are immediately opened by foxes, dogs and tramps.

    There are eight houses along my idyllic, pastoral lane. That means there are 48 bins in the street. And they only collect them every fortnight. It looks like Kosovo.

    Stay in Germany, my friend.They don't have the best beer (Belgium does), they don't have the best ham (Italy does), they don't have the best salami (Hungary does) and they don't seem to bother with life's other essential; cheese. But Fussen in the summer! Marvellous. Mind you Karlsruhe in the winter? Hmmmm.

    No stay there mate.
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