How the Brits handle things in Iraq (watch and learn USA)

Great story of how British quick thinking defused a situation that could have easily turned very nasty

RAF to the rescue!

Great tactic that sent them running and not a shot fired in anger by our troops, well done lads! Can't imagine what a bloodbath it might have been if it was spams in humvees.

Some good news out of Iraq for a change, bet the Scum won't be reporting this one.

Good skills. But I can see the effect wearing off if used too much. One day they would have to do more than just 'fly by' but it worked so I can't argue with the tactic.
It was too risky operation. 250 feet... One shot from RPG and... I guess that it would be unwise to repeat it next time.

God save British pilots.
KGB_resident said:
It was too risky operation. 250 feet... One shot from RPG and... I guess that it would be unwise to repeat it next time.

God save British pilots.
Have you ever seen a Tornado fly by at 250 feet? Not much chance of making a concious effort of shooting at it, let alone actually hitting it. Besides, anyone with an AK out would have been asking for it from the Jocks on the ground. Let's just say that as an occasional tactic it worked.
This a tried and trusted tactic.

The Australian SASR did the same thing when tasked with clearing a cement works during the invasion. Someone thought it a good idea for a 6 man patrol to wander into a cement works and clear it of any nasty's. So a quick thinking patrol commander requested a super sonic fly-by of a US navy F-14. All the widows were shattered, and the cement workers all come out of hiding, hands raised. Not a shot was fired.
I know the FAC shame he didnt get a mention (well done J@@@y h@@@@n ) .
Plant pilot is spot on , dont over use the ''show of force'' capability a fast jet
can bring . And a tornado at 250 agl at high speed , well that will put the shits
up anybody not knowing of its arrival.
This is a tactic that has been used in one form or another since the 1930s if not before. Of course, if the initial pass doesn't have the desired effect, you have to have both the political will and lthe military capability to carry out the implicit threat.

Unfortunately, nowadays you are more likely to have the the political won't, and the military capability "gapped".

It has to be said that in the '30s things were a little less tense, as CNN weren't on the ground relaying the events live, and the tribesmen concerned didn't have RPGs!
Are they going to be so scared the next time? Sudden rush in Iraq to buy ear defenders? I'm sure the Russians will step in with a suitable deal.

Agreed, good news at last and if making a loud whooshing sound wins the peace then many more whooshes please. Suggest that Hercules pilots don't follow suit, ten minute wait and not much of a whoosh but still should rattle a few windows. Once saw a bowser driven into a ditch and almost tipped over because an A-10 pilot was bored and he was supposedly on our side. Couldn't fight then either but then it was so funny. Oh how we laughed that day.


Well done to the guys this time, but it it does not always work that way.

Fast air was called in to support the two 1 Para multiples in Majar al Kabir in 2003. No combat rated FAC, so no ordanance dropped, just fly bys and flares/chaff. Result? Initial reaction, followed by realisation that no bombs would be dropped, followed by resumption of normal activities (trying to kill all the British).

Like all threats, it sometimes has to be carried out if it is to remain effective!
The whole thing of air supporting ground troops with out a
combat ready FAC is called ECAS . Its a big ''gray area'' and it
is being sorted now . Bottom line is if troops are in contact and there is no
''cr''FAC in the loop . Its up to the pilot whether he drops . Even if there was
an FAC in the loop the ROE is pretty strict . Pilots dont like doing too much ,
low fast ''presence'' flights as its bloody dangerous , however the RAF are the very
best at it and will always help out if you are in the sh@t .
A good outcome and well done.

What hacks me off about the reporting by the BBC is that they refer to the troops as Scottish. If they had been English my money would be on them being "British" in the eyes of the BBC.

I see a political directive behind this. Call be paranoid if you will (and I am sure some will), but I am sick and tired of the BBC not using the "E" word.

The prospect of the Americans learning from this is appalling, given the propensity of their air assets for disregarding orders, crashing into things and opening fire on the wrong side. Best left to the experts.
As long as there no cable cars then the Americans MIGHT be ok but probably won't. Agree with ViroBono, best left to the experts.
can understand how that works spent part of telic 1 living near the tornado runway, they are loud anywhere up to about 500m away hurts the eardrums we were living about a kilometre away and our vehicles would shake everytime one took off.

Good drills lads
Actually the US air assets are very very good as well , they get a bad press because
of the amount of air that they provide . They have much much more A/C then anybody
else .9 times out of 10 if British troops are in contact in Iraq or Afganistan , it will be
US air assests that will bend over backwards to get you out of the sh@t , and they will
do everything possible to help you out .
Its easy to have a pop at them when your sat back in UK watching the news , anybody
else who has actually worked with/ or been helped out by the US air assets will tell you .
Dont slag off anyone who is prepared to put their life on the line to help you .
"they get a bad press because
of the amount of air that they provide ."

That and the fact that when they do cock up, killing inocents, the US gov have a tendency to give hand slap punishments.

But by and large they are pretty good.
KGB_resident said:
It was too risky operation. 250 feet... One shot from RPG and... I guess that it would be unwise to repeat it next time.

God save British pilots.

HA HA HA HA! Thanks for a good chuckle KGB. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I expect nothing less from the guys - a job exceptionally well done with the minimum of fuss or heroics. Nice one. Got to agree with smallbrownduck though, perhaps the BBC are becoming like the red topped rags (God forbid) and feel the need to add weight to every news item by including any potentially inflamatory slant they can think of. I'll wager they were hoping to find the pilots were poofs as well or something, anthing to detract from the original and important point.... :roll:

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