How the British fought terror in Jenin

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by mora, Jun 2, 2006.

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    The policy of house demolitions is a holdover from the British rule of Palestine, and has been used off and on in the West Bank and Gaza since 1967.

    Initial Israeli Response to Amnesty Report on Demolitions

    Source: , February 17, 2005

    By: Editorial

    Following years of systematic demolition of Palestinian homes, when it became difficult to distinguish between a policy of deterrence and one of punishment or vengeance, the chief of staff decided a few months ago to form a committee to examine the question of whether house demolitions are in fact an effective security measure.

    Not surprisingly, it turned out that even a committee on behalf of the Israel Defense Forces came to the same conclusion that had previously been the critics' alone—that home demolitions are more damaging than beneficial. The deterrence, says the committee in its findings, is not equal to the hatred that the harsh measure evokes among the Palestinians.
    The government of Israel wasn't the inventor of the policy of punishment by means of house demolitions. The policy was brought to the region by the British government during the Mandate period. The British demolished hundreds of Arab homes in Palestine in suppressing the revolt, and the Tel Jaffa neighborhood is historical testimony to a British military operation in response to firing from Jaffa homes at British ships anchored in the port. As is well known, the policy did not help to consolidate British rule in the region.

    Britain’s High Commissioner for Palestine admitted they used "drastic" tactics, but he explained that "the situation has demanded drastic powers."

  2. At what point were you planning on thanking us for getting shot of Hitler for you?

    Just wondering.

    We could have got to him earlier in the mid 1930s, but a full half of the British Army was somewhat preoccupied trying to keep your mob and the Palestinians from killing each other. What a waste of time and effort that was. Tw@ts.
  3. I thought his mates were on Hitlers side. They were assassinating Brits during the Secopnd World war.
  4. Just a little reminder. When the Israelis captured Jerusalem in 1967 they bulldozed the whole of the Moroccan quarter of the old city to make way for the plaza that now leads to the Western (wailing) wall. The chief Rabbi to the forces suggested dynamiting the Mosque on the dome of the rock (third most holy site for Muslims) as well but this was vetoed by Moshe Dayan.

    The things we Brits teach 'em.
  5. Oi, tottenham fan, bore off will you
  6. about the mosque never heard this bizar story. the plazza, why not?
  7. Bizzare story - See 'The Six Day War' by Jeremy Bowen.

    Plaza - never mind those beastly old Moroccans who lived there.

  8. Hope you read also about the British, who armed the Arabs, including General Glubb Pasha and about 200 British Officers who led the Jordanian Arab Legion who organised the siege of Jerusalem and forced the Jewish evacuation of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in East Jerusalem. "Evacuation" is mild word, that was "ethnic cleansing" by any mean since it was real indigenous and ancient community living there since biblical time, not European Zionist settlers. Jews have been living in Jerusalem continuously for nearly two millennia. They have constituted the largest single group of inhabitants there since the 1840’s.

    All against UN resolutions, and even British own supposed policy, not to assist any side of the warring party. The arm embargo in practice was solely on the Jewish side.

    Jordan, a British creature, annexed this part of Jerusalem, along with west bank, a move that no one in the world recognise, accept Britain ( its master) and Pakistan. The Arab league condemn it.

    About Jerusalem holy places


    P.s never heard about bombing of the dome of the rock story, though I heard Moshe Dayan proposal to put down the ancient wall, an "idealistc" stand on his eyes, to put down the walls between people. Truly bizarre story.
  9. Hansvonhealing and others are right - no point trying to offer a balanced view with you is there?
  10. Sartorius, i'm afraid this narrative heard by you at first time hence the disbelief.
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    Agreed - roger out!
  13. I daresay next she'll wheel out the old chesnut how the Nazis got the idea for concentration camps from the British in the Boer War, without bothering to point out the major differences between the two.
  14. you muddling the water, my dear. i have no interest in tarnishing the british image just for the sake of tarnishing it, picking any british wrong doing throughout history. all i want to know is your views to the events that shaped directly our life here. can't be balanced any more than you do. after all, history is the way we choose our angle, what we take and what we choose to ignore, our pick of accusations, legends, or myths. why your view is more balanced?