How the Bastille Day is selebrated in Paris

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. My sincere congratulations to our French friends with the Bastille Day.

    Being in Paris (this wonderfull city) last year I tried to understand why the rioter and hooligans feel themselves so free. Personally I propose to create something like GULAG camps on remote islands and jail the criminals for long terms. It is the only workable solution.
  2. Your atrocious spelling is enough to warrant civil unrest
  3. My apologies. As a not native English or French speaker I could be forgiven, could I?
  4. Certainly not, I am a Hungarian goat herder with a cerebral shadow and I manage alright....
  5. Oh, if you are a Hungarian then let's sing

    Ábrándos szép napok, lázongó éjszakák
    Nem hittem el, hogy másképp is lehet
    Elvállnak útjaink, változnak vágyaink
    Csak hinni kell, s a remény visz tovább
  6. In the words of the great folk hero Bela Barttok, ill close with

    'Baszd szajba a kurva anjadat'
  7. Driving around some of the Paris suburbs near Le Bourget airport last month,the outbreak of rioting comes as no surprise.

    NOT the sort of place to leave a car if you still want to drive it.

    Some areas on Paris even make London look tame.
  8. A Hungarian would write Barttok Bela (a surname on the first place). Do you mean Bartók Béla (with one 't') - the famous Hungarian composer. He is an author of many folk songs indeed.

    Though stong expressions you used in the phrase Shows that you are a Magyar.

    Maybe this variant is more correct?

    Baszd szajba a kurva anyadat
  9. I was in Paris for Bastille Day a few years ago, and bought some merguez kebabs that local Beur kids were grilling under a car's bonnet. Shame for the owner, but they were fcuking nice kebabs...
  10. And that's swearing that is...
  11. Interrupting the zigeuner love fest for a second....

    It happens every summer in Paris. I don't think much of the French education system. The point is to rise up and torch the neighbourhoods of the ruling classes - that's what happened in the revolution.

    Modern, ill-educated French youths rise up and torch their own lodgings, which seems a bit silly.
  12. Rather it is a warning that if you have sexual relations with a prostitute whose genitals looks dozy then likely you would have some problems.

    In the context of our conversation I understand it as it is too dangerous thing to try to pacify the rioters in Paris.
  13. No there is a world of those who live on Avenu Foch and a world of the French of African and Asian descent who live in suburbs. These two world exist just near each other but in different dimentions.

    Those from 16th district rarely burn their own cars.
  14. Fortunately, WELL away from Paris, there were no cars torched and the only things that were lit, were some unimpressive fireworks that went bang in a rather apologetic and almost surrendering manner. And then it rained stair rods for five hours solid and that sort of dampened the festivities (and the fireworks).
  15. Back on track - a GULAG!

    Now there's an idea! Bagsy my list first. Bye Gordo!