How th UK Gov allowed 400 Brits be captured by Sadam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 15, 2006.

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    "The Government allowed a passenger jet to land in Kuwait at the start of the first Gulf War - delivering nearly 400 Britons into Saddam Hussein's hands - so nine special agents could secretly enter the country, it is revealed today.

    The men, women and children on a fuel-laden British Airways Boeing 747 were bombed on a Kuwaiti runway by the Iraqi air force before being split up and sent to 70 locations to act as human shields.

    This allowed seven of the MI6 operatives to escape from the airport with their equipment as part of a top-secret intelligence gathering exercise, says journalist Stephen Davis.

    In The Mail on Sunday's Live magazine, Mr Davis writes that both Margaret Thatcher and John Major subsequently covered up the fact that the invasion of Kuwait had begun four hours before the BA flight landed in the war zone on August 2, 1990 - and that every other flight had been cancelled.

    During their four months in captivity some of the 376 passengers lived on starvation rations, women - and men - were raped and others suffered serious beatings."

    Men Raped ! Oh my Buddha
  2. I tried the link, but it said article not found.
  3. Is this really a suprise?

    Or is it Labour letting a little spin occur so they can say - see we are not so bad after all! We just sent potentailly thousands of Bristish troops to their death with crap equipment and no idea what Saddam actually had to do nasty things with at the start of Gulf II.

    I think I am becoming more cynical toward this government by the hour.
  4. daz

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  5. How on earth do You get to pull the government into this!!!!
  6. I think petite_butsweet's point is that the curretn faux government may have let this little gem slip to allow themselves a little breathing space....

    Even so, whoi could be surprised by such an act - its the kind of thing governments do in the name of the safety of their people all of the time, in fact, I'm going to stick my neck out a bit and say in SOME ways, its a good job they do................

    [donning body armour and helmet under desk]

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    thats one of the most fcuk'd up things ive heard our gov. has done in the past 50 years...shocking...hopefully the enquiry results in punishment for some fcuked up MI6 strategists!
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  8. This story has been around for years, except that the usual claim is that the extra passengers were special forces, not MI6. Didn't another newspaper run that story very recently?

    The only new feature of this Mail story is that:

    Oh yeah? A 747 with 400 passengers was bombed, on the runway, and nobody was hurt in the process?

    The 747 WAS substantially destroyed on the airport apron at Kuwait City International. The apron surface in the area was pitted with regular small explosion craters indicating cluster munitions.

    None of this proves there were no extra passengers on the flight. Just that it is not a new story and that, as someone else has suggested, there may be reasons for the sudden reappearance of the story in multiple news media.
  10. Think outside the box and it's amazing this little gem is re released (as it's always been known about) when there is more pressure than ever to retract from Iraq . That's how on earth. :censored:
  11. cpunk

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    This is a complete bunch of arrse. I personally debriefed a number of passengers and crew from this aircraft on their return to the UK and none of them said anything about any extra passengers at the time. Nor has any remotely reliable source come forwards with any other information about the supposed 'extra' passengers.

    Information about 'the increment' comes from mega-walt Niall Arden and is entirely bollocks.
  12. I see, so the Government is the ATCO at Kuwait International is it?

    Does anyone seriously think a BA Captain is going to take his 747 into a captured airport and deliberately endanger his crew, passengers and airframe?

    This flight as I remember, was the long haul to Kuala Lumpur and KI was a refuelling stop. At the time I don't believe anyone thought there was an imminent danger , until the Iraqi Army rocked up unannounced.

    This is garbage. Is there a compensation case being launched?
  13. Sounds like a script from Ultimate Force!!!
  14. I didn't realise they were raped. B'stards.
  15. Arden and Tomlinson could have a walt-off....biggest load of b~~~###s wins.