How tenuous is this debate.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BrandySoured, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Warning - Daily Mail!

    I think this is the most pathetic piece of journalism I've read in a while. This. to me, smacks of a self centred journo trying to become a headliner her self by tying in the murder of the young woman in Turkey to an idea that the west shackles and control their young woman through peer pressure.

  2. What a pile of rubbish.... what on earth has Emma Watson's salary got to do with anything.... I assume she gets paid the same as the men she works along side... dont see anyone making that headline news... and to try and parallel that to a brutal murder is deranged....
  3. This is Liz Jones we are talking about. She is a serial fruitcase - only to be read if you want to be amused by drivel and tenuous links she comes out with.
  4. She is mental... Id love to see what she gets paid a year... money for old bloody rope!!
  5. If only Liz Jones had been buried alive.
  6. That's the biggest pile of shite I've ever read in a national newspaper - even the Diana/Maddie ramblings of the Express have a narrative that sticks together.
  7. I find it hard to believe that Ms Jones is even an accredited journalist. If she wanted to harm the cause of international emancipation she couldn't have done a better job. To compare the plight of a young woman buried alive with that of a phenomenally well-paid and independent young woman who made her own decision to take time out from acting to go to university is about as obscene as it comes. Linking an excess of money and success, even glamour to incidence of domestic violence betrays every victim of domestic violence, be they female or male.
  8. I'd knob Emma… 8)
  9. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    I do not read the Mail and have not done so since it became the paper by women, for women, about women, but the thread title caught my eye.
    This Jones person is typical of the female, urban chattering classes who have nothing better to do than demean the death of a poor unfortunate female and comparing it to young Emma (who will be able to obtain counselling if needed. The dead by brutal action cannot!)
    I am so glad I do not read the Mail.
  10. That's made my morning it's so funny! Oh wait, she was being serious? Oh dear...

    I think I might work for the Mail when I get out. Something connecting too many sheds in Britain with the earthquake in Haiti maybe?
  11. a very leftie forum I partake in also has a liz jones is she for real thread going :twisted:
    womans a fruitcake