How Switched On Are You?

1) when are you on the way out of the woods?

2) you climb up a mountain to dicover a hut, in this hut there is a fire-place with wood in, a candle and a match what order do you light them in?

3) a farmer has a boat and he needs to move a goat, fox and a bale of hay to the other side of the river, but he cannot leave the fox with the goat (it will eat it) and he cannot leave the goat with the hay (it will eat it). he can only take one at a time in what order should he do his command task?


1) Once you pass the centre

2) match, candle then the fire

3) first he should take the goat.
2nd the grass.
3rd bring the goat bac.
4th take the fox.
5th go back for the goat again.
I agree they are a load of p'ssish i got them out of a book and thought i would just wack them up just so everyone else could be board.
appears to be tw@t's night out in the NAAFI...lame arrsed jokes and this tripe...where is Cowboy when you need him :wink:

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