How successful is a deferral appeal for not attending selection?

New to this forum so sorry if I do anything wrong but here goes:

I went to army selection a few months back in Pirbright, with hopes of going to AFC Harrogate in September for an infantry role. I made it through all of selection and I got to the interview, my overall result was I got deferred due to the team tasks and fitness (jerry can was fine, powerbag I lifted up to 30 (which I have since improved on) and had an 11:58 run time (which I have also since improved on))

The date I was then given to attend was the from 02/08/17 - yesterday. I switched to a new phone as of recent and forgot to remind them of this update, as of much I have been relying on email, I received an email as of an hour ago saying that I've been deferred for 3 months as I have missed it

It was ignorant of me to not inform them and I'm regretting it now, called them to appeal and an assistant of my CSM said that they would put an appeal in for me, hoping that I could successfully still make it to September selection if the appeal was successful and I got a training date in the next few weeks as well, hopefully making it in as the start date has also moved to October

My question is how likely is it that this appeal will go through? Is it common that these appeals work or am I just wasting my time? it also adds to my worries I haven't found a pass to a college as of yet only conditional offers

In summary: missed selection, appealed it, worried I've screwed up



It depends. You have certainly screwed up - no employer would be pleased with an applicant who failed to attend a scheduled interview. However, I doubt you are the first or last. Whether your appeal is successful or not is likely to depend on loading. If they are light on applicants for that intake, and have spaces available on a selection you might be in luck.

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