How stupid can one man be?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by commzmeanzbombz, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Yes!

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  3. Oh my god you are a gullible tit!

  1. I thought I would share my tale of woe with you fellow ARRSE's as only you can pour the scorn on me that I deserve.......

    Today whilst leaving my local branch of Focus DIY having purchased some new light bulbs I was approached by a dapper looking fellow driving a brand new top of the range merc, he asked me for directions and then started chatting about cars.

    As a favour for giving him assistance he offered me a watch that had yet to hit the shelves for the bargain price of £20 (he had them to give out to the managers of his merc dealerships as gifts), I had a look and although a brand I had never heard of these watches did look very nice so consequently I agreed thinking to myself "This blokes a mug, I will make a fortune on flea-bay with this bad boy"

    Twenty quid later and another brief chat he showed me the ladies version, thinking to myself the wife would be well impressed with this little treat another crisp 20 departed my wallet.

    Upon arriving home I did a quick tinterweb search and discovered i had been done! And, the watches I had bought bore no resemblence to the ones he had shown me before! Bugger!

    So, consequently the watches are hidden in the shed until I have a free 20 minutes to try and pass them on to some one even stupider than myself.

    Moral of the story, If you are a dim Yorkshireman living down south dont believe a fecking word anyone says.

    Please feel free to scorn me and as im feeling slightly gullible right now try and sell me any tat that you have kocking around because I will probably buy it! Also if any flash cnut in a merc offers you a cheap watch give him a clip round the ear for me!
  2. Reminds me of a quote - If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

    Look on the bright side. You were conned by a bloke flogging watches at £20. You could have been conned by a bloke flogging leather jackets at £50.
  3. He's not flash.
    The motor is leased and he does Whores in hotels cos he cant get a real bitch.
  4. Just been informed of the Emperor Mong thread, this probably belongs there! Sorry but like my post says, Im a bit thick!
  5. Yea you certainly had a EM moment
  6. You're not thick mate, it could have happened to any of us!

    However, it didn't, it happend to you so:

  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sorry you didn't like your watches Commz, I think I might have made a mix up when I gave them to you. Just send the watches back along with your bank details, to cover insurance (re-fundable of course) and I will send you out two shiny new ones.

    My address is: Unit 12A, South Toxteth Industrial Estate, Toxteth, Liverpool. PO BOX 134
  8. one of my friends got caught with something similar over 20 years ago,but this was a jewellery salesman [ in a pub near Harrogate] he got conned into buying his missus a nice locket & chain, paid £60 he said he's just had words before leaving for work so it was a peace offering, shit, turned out to be worth under a tenner. so watch out.!!! & never trust a salesman, they're natural liars.
  9. A fool and his money etc :lol:
    commzmeanzbombz, i'm very disappointed to learn that as a tyke you were diddled out of your brass 8O
    A mate of mine came out of a pub a bit worse for wear during an afternoon drinking session. He was approached by a bloke flogging a 'solid gold' chain. 'onest mate, solid gold worth 500 quid, desperate to sell it to get my kids something nice for xmas with, yours for 100 quid mate, think of the little uns'
    Parts with his cash then found his neck going a lovely shade of green before last orders were called. :lol:
  10. It wasn't one of the ones appearing in the ad currently at the bottom of the page, was it.

    Seriously, the last time I heard of this scam was in Brum in the mid-90s!
  11. The wife is going to confiscate my card so I will send you a signed blank cheque. Is that ok?
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That's fine. I also have some really nice jewellery and some top electrical products that you might be interested in. If you send me the logbook for your car (as proof of address) I will throw in something nice for the missus to show there are no hard feelings about your watches.
  13. On the way mate, What a top bloke you are!
  14. While your en-route to collect your goods Commz, how about stopping off here? What it is, i was left an inheritance cheque worth 10 gazillion rands by my grandfather. Unfortunately i dont have the correct bank account to pay it into. Would you be so kind as to allow me to pop it into your bank account? All i need are your bank details and as a thank you, i will give you 10% of the money :D
  15. See, i knew posting this on ARRSE was a good idea, I got done out of £40 and now all you fellas are helping me out! Legends, all of you!!