how soon will the army release you?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by woody565, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi all

    I currently have 8 months left to serve in the royal engineers, i have nearly finished my CV and will start sending it out to companies in the next 3-4 weeks. My question is, if i get offered a job that requires me to start well before my termination date are the army obliged to release me?.
    I have heard stories of soldiers being released 6 months earlie if they have a job lined up and defo know of 1 bloke that got out 3 months earlie.

    thanks for any help

  2. Nope.

    They are not obliged to do anything of the sort.
    You are obliged to work untill 23:59 of the very last day of your service but I doubt you will.

    AFIK your boss can decide out of the goodness of his heart to let you go a bit early but they don't have to.

    This information could of course be complete pants in this modern caring sharing Army that seems to have appeared since I left.

    Oh and it might be a good idea to get your CV spell checked before you start sending it out. :twisted:
  3. This used to happen, but has certainly dropped off.

    With the current numbers leaving this is not really an option. I have spoken to three people who have tried to leave early and the system has held them.

    As far as sending out your CV, you could try, but I doubt anybody will offer you unless you have a confirmed leaving date.

    I would suggest sending out 3 months before leaving.
  4. I was told I had the option of leaving early (but the Badge didn't recommend it, as I was going to Uni) when I signed off in 2004, but then I guess things are a bit different now.
  5. I left 5 months early in 2006. I had the offer of a job and was allowed to go within a week. Obviously times change so I cant really comment on whether or not you would be fortunate enough to get the oppurtunity these days.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I tried to leave early having been offered a job. The Army said no so I PVRd and then they let me go, they could replace me strait away you see. That was in 97 though.
  7. If you do get a confirmed job offer you'll just need to write to your CO asking to be released early. It is totally up to him/her. However you need to think about the tax, even though youll be released from your unit early youll still be in the Army until your termination date and therefore being paid. You also wont have a P45 until you have officially left the mob.

    I was released mid July and my last paid day was mid November. 2 others from my unit were also released early at the same time as me.
  8. It differed slightly with me, they let me go in June even though my last day was supposed to be in November and that was that, I got my P45 and my salary from the Army finished in June too and I was officially a Civvie.
  9. You should ask your IERO but i think

    You can legally start a new job when your Terminal leave starts (28 days before your ROD)

    If you can add any unused Annual leave on to this, it would be earlier still.

    Have you got GRT? If so, you can use this for a work placement in the job you are going to get when your Annual and term leave kick in.

    So somebody with 7 weeks GRT and 4 weeks AL could start a job about 3 months before ROD

    That's if Mr Nasty allows them to run all this ENTITLEMENT together
  10. I have been looking into this subject as I am trying to do the same thing, and the following rules apply.

    QRs state in para 9.400g A person can apply for discharge from the army at the 21year 9month point for pension reasons if he/she has a civilian job offer which can't wait until their 22 year point.

    This means you are still entitled to your pension and immediate grant.

    With all the other entitlements i.e. 28 days terminal leave and 7 weeks resettlement time - it takes off quite a few months. :D
  11. Is there any additional updates to this as i have recently started re settlement??I am due out in May 2015 i would of completed 22 man years service, 24 including boy service.So what is the earliest i can leave?Would it be the beggining of April 2015 when my gardening leave kicks in? Or if i took no leave in 2014 could i track back from May 15 including my gardening leave and go then? So approx 8 months early ?? So would be Novemeber 2014??
  12. Spartan you have the following, in working days:

    35 days GRT
    20 days terminal leave (gardening!!)
    6 days leave for leave year 15/16 (days of ly in service, guessed at end May /365.25 X 38)
    assuming you have no leave and the max carry fwd to LY 14/15 = 53

    By my guess work around early Jan 15, but good luck in taking no leave for the first 9 months of the leave year. If you have a firm job offer you can formally leave at 21 and 9 months and retain your pension and gratuity but forego any remaining GRT/Leave etc so cannot add all that up and go 8 months early
  13. There is scope to apply for early release, which can get you out much earlier then your termination date it usually takes between 3 weeks to 2 months. This is dependent on Chain of command willingness to release and APC desk. You forgo all resettlement benefits but if you've taken them already then there is not much the system can do. Sooty if this has been covered already!

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  14. Sorry not sooty.

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  15. Spartan, I have just jumped through every hoop imaginable to get my arrse out a whole 10 months early. If you have the blessing of your CO there is a very good chance you will get exactly what you want. It may be the case that you get what you want without the blessing of your CO as your case will be independently assessed by some very nice people outside of your CoC. Think very carefully about what you will be required to sacrfice in order to release early (wage, Resettlment grant, GRT, ILA and potentially Termination Leave). In my case it is a win win situation but it might not suit your own circumstances so don't just jump at the first chance that comes up. There is a big fat DIN on the subject but with a name like SPARTAN you sound like 'Wedge' so I am not posting it! You f*ckin wedge f*ck! PM me if you need any help or advice about getting out........dont PM me for marital advice or inclinations to ring the ******* samaritans