How soon can a QA nurse get promoted to Sgt

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by nursienorth, May 29, 2007.

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  1. As said above. I was led to believe it was 3/4 years worth of CR's?

    Can a full screw get Acting Sgt after 18 months???
  2. Acting rank is a completely diffrent ball game, for sub rank you need to be sub Cpl for 4 years before you can pick up.
  3. It also depends on whether or not they can do the job of a SNCO. Do you think that after 18 months of being a full screw (possibly thier first rank since Pte) that they can do a SNCO's job to the standard required, i doubt that they can.
  4. JSP527 Chapter 2, Section 6

    How boring is that????
  5. If you were led to believe it was 3/4 years worth of CRs before you could get promoted to Sgt; why are you asking if you can get acting rank after 18 months? Bored with being a Corporal already?

    Correct me if I'm wong but aren't QA Nurses on Common Terms of Service (CToS)? i.e. Generally, the minimum length of service between Cpl & Sgt is 4 years in substantive rank?

    I'm sure that if you ask your RCMO or OC Nursing he / she will contact AMS MCM Div for you; then you'd have your answer! or Promotion Details are contained in AGAI 35, have a look also at:


  6. Is actually not's a duty rumor about one of my colleagues. I thought you couldn't get it for 4 years, but i have told he 'may' be picking up his Sgt soon. I personally think he'll be an arse Sgt and the rank will go to his head, and he's still only a newly qualified nurse, and not a fab one at that.

  7. Spotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm embarrased for you if you knew that without looking!
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  11. if he was a substansive fullscrew before starting nurse trg then its entirely possible for them to pick up after a year.
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  13. gimme gimme gimme, I recently had a newly qualified nurse asking if she could get her acting Sgt, she'd only had her sub Cpl 4 months!
    you/him/her will get promoted when your/his/her time comes.
  14. Have you been spying on me again moosehunter!!! LOL

  15. well - todays the day

    Cpls to Sgt list is out!