How soon? Armchair lawyers please!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dumarse1, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Have been offered a job in civvy street but it starts in three months.

    1. How soon can i get out?

    2. What do I need evidence wise ie employment laws etc

    many thanks

    beer monster
  2. You can leave once your contractual notice has expired, unless the MOD (in practice the Commanding Officer), says you can leave earlier.

    This is a discretionary allowance, which may or may not be invoked. You have no say in the matter and all the employment law you can muster will not change it.

    In practice, be nice to everyone, write to the OC, asking the CO if he would consider an application if you were to tender it through the chain of command. Write to your potential employer and explain what you are doing and whether they would consider holding the place open for you, and do not under any circimstances make any mention of employment law to the CO in this respect. The RSM will be hanging off you like a cheap NAAFI shirt.
  3. Many Thanks

    I thought that the law stated that you are able to give the same period of notice as the period you are paid?
  4. It depends on the contract of employment. If that's what it says then that's what it is.

    However that is not the case for the armed forces. If it were then soldiers could opt to be cash paid every 7 days and be out for the weekend.
  5. have personally known blokes to get out within a week when pvr'ing.
  6. How and when - i've veen in 8 years, am a sgt and signed on for 22. I know there must be a way but how!


    beer monster
  7. Stick 2 Pencils up your nose, put your Underpants on your Head and wait for the CO/RSM to arrive and tell them you`ve gone Mad.
  8. Sorry Mate...just couldn`t resist that one!
  9. lol!
  10. Speak to your Education & Resettlement Officer. Not sure what rank you are but go to either your SNCO or Troopy or OC and request a private interview. Be professional and upfront. The job offer may fall thru'. I have seen many a quick PVR go thru then at the last minute a Gen App to cancel it and soldiers on bended knee asking to stay in. Just consider all options if you want to PM I can give you some advice. Look after yourself but make sure that yu have a firm job offer in writing and the full Ts & Cs from the HR Dept (Human Remains) from your new Civvie Employer and an offer of contract and also the probation of the new job etc. I once had a JNCO in with me that had been offered a £28K Stg job in the late 80's (big bucks then for a Cpl) it was with London Transport. Within 2 years he would have his own tube station blah blah blah. It transpired it was an £11K monkeys job when he got me the contract. A bit of fancy footwork by me and boxing clever with manning kept him in. He eventually made WO and retired last year !! Just be careful.
  11. I didn't think you could sign for 22 only go onto open engagement after the 8 year point?? PVR should be cheap as well as you have served your initial engagement, whether you signed on at you 18th birthday for 3,6,9 years.

  12. Thanks for your reply - so many just seem to go with the 'you signed up for the time so you do it' senario.

    Been in 8 years and am now a sgt - have a firm job offer with contract available. The 'new' boss was my old WO if you get my drift. The money's not a problem. My basic wage is £23.5K with £9.5k on call - these are nhs wages so they are set in stome. My CO is very easy to approach so I don't believe that there will be a problem there. The main problem is that my trade is significantly undermanned - should be 25 of us but know there is only 13.

    Any help would be appreciated

  13. No way.

    Being made to perform your pre-existing contractual obligations.

  14. Dumarse 1;

    PM me

  15. If the contract is superceded by law, which it has, then yes, I'm afraid you don't have to perform your pre-existing contract