How soon after basic can i get married

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by dylan323, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi, im joining the royal engineers and was wondering how soon roughly after basic would i be aloud to get married? (Im engaged and we have a little girl together). And also would we get a house after phase 2? Hope somebody can help so i can put my partner mind at ease. Thank you
  2. You can get married whenever but don't count on getting leave for it if you're on course you're on course.
  3. Get down to the register office and get married soonest. Start the ball moving as soon as you get off recruit training. Do not espect any slack just because you have a family, that is a thing of the past. Good luck and I hope your good lady is prepared for a baptism of fire.
  4. The question may be more when should I seek to apply for service accommodation for my family rather than when can I get married. You can get married at any time you like (I would have thought), but the more important consideration is planning your family's move and long term future in an orderly and well considered manner.

    Does your partner have settled accommodation at the moment? If she does then is there any need to rush into anything? Presumably your partner has help and support available to her at home at the moment, be that (depending on your daughter's age) the health visitor, surestart, mum's and toddler's group, nursery, friends, possibly family. She will take time to settle in and establish links when she moves into service accommodation, and she may be best equipped to do that once you have arrived at a permanent posting and have settled in.

    Do you both know what service life is like, and the stresses there will be on a young married couple? Do you know what help and support is available to military families, and how to access that help and support?

    Might it be an idea to wait until you are posted to your first unit, and know what your future holds, before putting the family through the upheaval of the move and the transformation into a "service family". You could both utilise the time between now and then to acquaint yourselves with the system and to prepare yourselves. In the meantime your partner, and perhaps more importantly your daughter, do not have to go through the upheaval until you are all ready and you can offer her the support and assistance that she will undoubtedly need.
  5. Thanks for all your advise. I've been advised by my recruiter that i wont have to get married to get accommodation because i have a dependent. Thats put my mind at ease anyway because i didn't really want to rush thru the whole wedding thing anyway if i could help it. I can concentrate on getting thru training now. Thanks again.
  6. Dont think this is true,I also have a 6 month old son and fiance and was advised by my recruiter the only way we would get accomodation is to get married,regardless of dependents.Hence the "Married" quarters title.
  7. Yer dont have to get married at all. However, I f you turn up at a garrison with a bird in tow (face it thats what she is), then she will be the fairest game for any of the singlies when yer away on tour.
  8. Be honest, its not down to whether the bint has a ring or not - Tom will do her either way. It's whether the bint will decline an offer after her man has been away for several weeks (or even days). GW1,Fally - the guys were in the departures lounge, and some wives were out and about. I doubt todays conflicts are much different
  9. In this order:

    Finish basic. Talk to Padre. Set date. See housing officer. Get pad address. Get pad march in date. Get wed. Move in.
    Remember-at any stage there could be complications but these are the basic steps to "wedded bliss".
  10. There were always complications with marrieds as far as COC was concerned. EG I remember a bloke in Catterick who had moved his bird into some squat down town, she used to visit him in the block where he was using his room to aquire some furniture for after they had got married. After a few weeks he cottoned on to the fact that his presence was not the only thing she was getting when she came up to the block, in fact several of the WKSP?LAD were having her first. This mongite idiot threw a wobbler and when the ASM/OC found out he was shoved in the nick for his own "good". If he had been a pad then he could have gone to the padre, families office, he would have somebody to talk it over with abd the persons responsible for causing him distress by banging his wife wouldve been acted against. The COC might have tried to protect him because of the ring on his finger. But as fer some slapper living down town they couldnt give a shite either way. For the innocent hoping to move his bird on to the camp patch really have a serious think because there are an awful lot of miles of dick primed and ready to attack anything without the basic protection of a marriage liscence.

    PS Iremember Fally in 1984 when the Coldstreams went to Ireland. Monster shagfest.

    PPS If yer want any REAL advice on patch life and socials in the forces or just advice on anything at all check this bint out.
  11. my bloke just left to start basic last week, i wondered about how soon i could be with him again, we have been sharing a flat and he thinks that we can get a flat when he gets to his regiment (he has joined the signals in blandford which is near bournemouth i think)
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  12. Are you gonna get wed?
  13. If he's just joined the Sigs then he will not know what regiment he will be with. Check out his trade training school Royal Signals this should give you a period in the interim. After that it is anybody's guess.
  14. Jesus, when I joined I couldn't wait to get away from being tied down, I arrived at Richmond Station and the only Baggage I had with me was silly little leather suitcase, which was soon kicked up and down 7Tp's corridor.
    How times have changed, you old SLR wielding, RPG Avenue stomping, Can driving, Pocheen drinking, Granny grabbing perverts would agree.