How simple is it to change unit/trade after training?

I applied a while back to join a unit in Sheffield - due to my current a-level exams, i'm currently focusing on them til the middle of June, so left it hanging really.

I also wasn't sure it was a good idea to start the training and then move elsewhere to another unit, as i'm either going to Leeds or Dundee as of September, and the units available are different than those available in Sheffield. Something I should have discussed whilst I was at the unit, I suppose.

Would it be better to see if I could start my training after these exams are out the way, and move to another unit/continue the training when I go to University, or just wait til September then apply to one of the units at the city I end up in and start the training then? I've received the letter asking me to confirm whether I still wish to continue with my army application, hence why I'm asking on here before responding.

Yes, i'm a shit for not discussing it with someone at the unit whilst I was there, I should have done so.
Slight bump, and another question that I forgot to ask..

Would it be better to join the UOTC, instead of the TA? And is it possible to be part of both?

If anyone has any answers, or suggestions on how to deal with this I'd appreciate it massively. (Apart from telling me to cock off, obviously.)


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Phase 1 is the same for all capbadges so rebadging shouldnt be a massive drama, changing trade is possible but will obviously depend on PIDS (whether the unit in question has any vacancies for that trade).

Main thing to consider is that if you have exams coming up do you really want to be worrying about starting basic as well? A possible solution is to try and get onto one of the summer challenge courses after your A-levels, which will run during the 2-3 months off you will have before starting Uni and give you a bit of spare cash to spend on beer when you get there.

Re TA vs UOTC, having gone UOTC then commissioned and transferred I have seen both sides although this was quite a few years ago and I am aware that UOTC is not what it used to be due to funding cuts etc. My UOTC experience was that you got to see a lot more of what the Army does accross the various Regiments and Corps than you would in a TA unit where you would get to experience one capbadge. Back in the day there used to be excellent opportunities for adventure training in exotic places and the chance to make a bit of spare cash with the UOTC. I suspect such opportunities have been reduced drastically over the last few years.

Flipside is that the TA will net you more cash, both in training days and bounty and you will have the opportunity to deploy, which you would not at a UOTC. Depending on your RTC and whether you want to go officer route you may be able to experience both, RTC NI is currently moving towards conducting all Potential Officer training at QUOTC, I dont know about other RTCs.

Is it possible to be in both? Yes and no. You can join the UOTC and go the TAPO route or be attached for training as mentioned above, but as far as Im aware you cant rock up as Pte Bloggs one night a week and OCdt Bloggs on another.

Ultimately its a decision only you can make, have a word with the UOTC and RTC in question, look at the pros and cons of both and see which you prefer.

Happy to be corrected on any of the above, as stated it has been quite a few years (6) since I had any involvement with UOTCs.
Thanks Sundance, thats really helpful to make my mind up. Cheers! :)