How should we train new recruits?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by GreenGrenade, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. What subjects should be included in Phase 1 and phase 2 syllabi?
    Looking for the sensible and funny...
  2. Depending on Obama, basic Farsi could be taught, if we end up playing with the Yanks in Iran a knowledge of the local lingo would be an advantage.
  3. Train them Clockwork Orange stylee. Strap them in a chair with eye clamps and play war films all day.
  4. Shag em up the hoop with rolling pins, the ones that push back fail.

    Instead of a normal adventure training week, they could do naked downhill-skiing paintballing.

    Sorry, can't think of any funny ones.
  5. Perhaps teach recruits about looking after their money wouldn't be a bad thing. Perhaps introduce some decent investment opportunaties. Too many lads now-a-days are skint by the the second of every month.

    I never used to be like that ... then i got married.
  6. Personal hygiene. how to hold your drink and basic literacy.

    Oh, sorry. I thought we were talking primary schools here. Killing people, yes, that's what we need to teach them.
  7. Basically with either field punisment Number one, or the old Legion way of beating one of their squad to death, if one of them leaves during phase one.
  8. how to make nuclear bombs in the field
  9. Get the very best troops available right now, then clone them ! Obviously the RRW will all look like Dolly the sheep but it's worth the risk if they're also steely eyed killers ! No training necessary as they would have been brainwashed in the test tube !
  10. Schools and ATRA seem to have it backwards eh?
  11. P.T.S.D. EDUCATION, -----------IT WOULD BE CRUEL NOT TO ! ! !
  12. Human Rights Act.

    Respect for Diversity.

    How to be British is wrong?
  13. Soggy biscuit. the one that eats gets backsquadded.
  14. Shoot the fukin lot of them . They,ll be more soon !