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How should the EU deal with migrants?

How should the EU deal with migrants?

The UK government has agreed a deal granting access to jobs and benefits for people from new EU member states.
Britain and Ireland are now the only two existing EU members to allow migrants from the likes of Poland and the Czech Republic the right to work from 1 May.

The agreed UK package is believed to include a work permit scheme, but restricts benefits for workers from the new members.

How should the EU deal with migrants? Should there be quotas, should they be allowed to bring their families in the first year, should they complete linguistic and other tests?

Open to the floor
On a serious note, I definitely think Quotas should be applied or, even better, a lottery like the Spams do for the Green Card, and citizenship as well I believe. With a citizenship test of national history, political system, etc.

There's obviously going to be exceptions, for examples, I think serving and former Gurkhas should be allowed residency or citizenship "handsdown". Can't think of any group of people more deserving.

Otherwise, we ought to tool up the entrance to the Chunnel like the old IGB used to be with minefields, Automatic Grenade Launchers, half starved Alsatians and nasty looking Border Guards. Oh yeah and let the Wavy Navy start popping off a few rounds at the Bumboats bringing all these spongers in. A Harpoon up their arse might make them twice about how much they want to live here. :twisted:

Might keep at least some of these Gippos from stealing, begging and pimping on our streets. Not to mention the financial drain it places on the taxpayer. Or Nigerians with their financial scams.

Rant over, could go on and on and on..................................for now. :roll: :lol:
1. Allow them to work legally (They pay Tax)

2. No Automatic right to accomodation or benefits until they have contributed to the National Coffers regularly for 5 years.

3. 1st wave emigres should be made up of professional people such as doctors, nurses etc in order to provide the backbone for successful integration.

4. All potential emigres should complete a questionnaire very much along the lines the Aussies had in the 70's (do they still?). This included family medical conditions and quals etc. Without this form being completed and stamped at the Embassy in the Emigres home nation no facilities should be offered at all and the UK reserves the right to return said individual and or family to the country of origon. No right to appeal!!

4. No automatic access to Health Services i.e Routine Ops etc, all routine and none life threatening conditions should start at the bottom of the waiting list. Life threatening conditions discovered AFTER arrival in the UK should be dealt with by the Health Service on a case by case basis based on criteria already applied.

There you go thats a start, any more (and there is plenty), would make for a boring read :D :oops:
I don't think that immigration of "professional" or skilled groups will be a problem. However, an influx of those Romany that have been ghettoised in Eastern Europe for decades could cause serious trouble. I think that it was really down to the EU to instruct the prospective members to sort this out before gaining membership.
to bring up a related topic; national ID cards.

1)immigrants would only gain the card after proving their value to society.
2)cards to be withdrawn after repeated minor or single serious crimes
3)ID cards to be the single most important ID held.

without a card all services should either be witheld, or the person asking for them held, until proof of legality/citizenship is found. If none is forthcoming then pass them to the immigration services.

As has been posted earlier we are not the richest nation in the world, nor are we the world 'mother', it's not our job to become foster parents to the EU's problem children.
'with a magazine of 20 rounds load'
Please note: you already have to show "habitual residence" i.e. at least a year to claim benefits in the UK if you're an "Old European". The rules vary between EU states but the principle is the same. I've just seen a study by the Centre for European Reform that suggests the total migration from the new members to the old members will be around 330,000 - that's spread over all the existing 15 countries. If experience so far post-communism is any guide, I think this will be a "dog that didn't bark" - after all, the average income in western Hungary is higher than in southern Austria, and more people cross the border eastwards than westwards on an average day. At the same time, many businesses in the western halves of both Hungary and Czechland report that it's hard to find staff although there are loads of doleys in the eastern sides of the same countries.

My suggestion? 1 year rule on benefits claims for all EU immigrants, and take as many as the labour market will soak up. With any luck we'll get the clever ones and Germany can have the village idiots in 10 years' time. BTW, does anyone else think it's rather shitty that the same politicians who thought "New Europe" was so great when they wanted them to stag on in Iraq now want them to piss off?
with regards to the Gurkhas in the contract they sign they agree to return to Nepal at the end of their service so right from the word go they agree to return to Nepal. They get pensions that give them good standard of living in Nepal. I believe this should be the same for all the commonwealth recruits. If they want citizenship they should apply like anyone else and be given a head start in. As to eligibility to benefits it should be on a hibitual residence basis and a work history in the United Kingdom.
This country does really need to sort out an imigration policy and not accept all comers . Those with skills the country needs should be given priority, Those who need protection should be granted tempory asylum and have to notify the Home office of where they are on a weekly basis and when the situation in their country stabilises they are returned no appeal no but they've been in the country 10 years they go back. Britain is to much of a soft touch for economic migrants and it really needs sorted


have 2 corridors at Dover and Calais one for Proven skilled workers with certificates and proof which will go straigh to the Employment offices and another for dossers and bogus asylum seekers with a revolving door straight back to france !