How should I punish lairdx?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mrslairdx, Jun 8, 2005.

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  1. It seems my imbecilic husband has made numerous references to the 'grumpy' entity with whom he has decided to spend the rest of his (potentially very short) life. I have decided if I'm gonna be branded as mean I might as well act mean.

    How should I get back at him for this? Should I withhold sexual privalages? Anybody who knows him will realise this is not a good idea as he is more at home when watching a western on a sunday afternoon and drinking expensive whiskys, Glen something or other usually, than he is when having sex

    Perhaps i should wash his 2s dress uniform shirts with a pair of pink knickers - I have lots of pink clothes and I'm not sure any of them are color safe?

    Perhaps I should just kick his nasty little ass when I get my hands on him?

    Any ideas?


  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    I'm afraid he's left you with no alternative than to sew his jap's eye to his own hoop.

    It's for his own good you know.
  3. how about you just come and live with me and leave the t0sser to his left hand
  4. Ouch! You don't like him?
  5. I Reckon you should go to a arrse booze up, then get off with as many blokes as ya can, I think he would be sufficently miffed at that!
  6. Self-immolation? It'll get his attention but I should warn you, it hurts....
  7. Post more pictures of yourself, it will help us all to decide how he should be punished?
  8. like you you mean? I'll bear that in mind.
  9. I think you guys have seen enough for one day. maybe some other time x
  10. Nah not me, unless you are coming over to NZ, but then i think Mrs sabre wouldnt be happy
  11. I take it that ctauch, judging by his picture, is my countryman?
  12. get your @ss back to the right side of the pond and stop screwing around with those damn Brits...and start screwing around with me
  13. Is anyone else thinking semi-pro tag-team here? Very naughty.
  14. And sabre I really hope you didn't mean this.

    'Jesus look at the size of them.............Shoes, It would be like walking around on Stilts!!, And whats the tattoo off? Did you get her from russian If so How Much'

    I love those shoes. maybe I should walk on lairdx with them. The tattoo isn't of anyting. It's kind off abstract but it goes right the way around and down where you will never see.

    How much? For what? To go within a half a mile of you we'd be talking six figures honey. x
  15. That's not going to happen. For all his faults I love my husband. And I love it in Britain but I miss the sun. I'm from San Diego CA.

    He's a foul mouthed, mean, son of a bitch who embarrasses me in front of my colleagues, friends and family but he's not without his charms. He's a great cook and actually quite loving. He'll be a good father.