How should i get over being knocked back?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Trooper_Sefton, May 16, 2010.

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  1. I asked out a good looking lass who happened to be my best mate and got rejected, she said i was too young for her, a few weeks later she tells me she is goin out with someone else and i found out the guy is only a few months older than me, that pissed me off to say the least and i still havent got over getting rejected so any advice would help :)

    i know you will take the piss about this but i probobally deserve it :D i expect the usual answers of do her up the ricker and man up wet pants but would appreciate the odd sensible answer too, even if its a pm so you dont loose your street cred lol
  2. Shag everything that crosses your path until you're old enough to claim your pension.
  3. if she is your best mate that is worth far more than a short lived relationship - if you value her friendship (and it sounds as if she was letting you down gently saying you are too young for her - obviously didn't want to say she just doesn't fancy you) then get over it. There are plenty of girls around - find another one. Life is for living so make the most of it. Time spent in regret is time wasted
  4. best way to get over someone is to get under their best mate....
  5. em, im a virgin :oops: no idea how to get fired into anyone
  6. funny guy :) but no im not gay
  7. chicken hawk!
  8. because im a virgin that makes me gay? 8O anyone got any advice on how to turn me straight then? :twisted:
  9. Fcuk her off and bang her (female) mates.

    She'll come running back ;)
  10. Asking your "best mate "for a shag" :?

    You are obviously far too young for sex, keep reading the comics.

    Edit: Glad I am not your best mate, you freak.

    What is wrong with the youth of today nurse? Mutter Grumble etc...
  11. sticking to the gay theme, grab your nearest fag hag, get your hair bleached,get a manicure and hit the town! spend the night downing cosmos and bitching about everyone who happens to walk without 50yards of you! it will work
  12. You asked nicely.

    She declined.

    Ask the next one.

    You're never going to pull if you spend your life moping about like Hamlet every time you fail to get a shag. If you're really desperate in the meantime, get some hungry hungry hermer to bum you senseless.
  13. Find cliff.

  14. Fixed that for you Junge...