How should Cadets address probationary instructors?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by RFN_fatboy, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. I have recently joined the ACF as an Adult instructor having spent some time in 7th Rifles. During a discution with my Detachement Commander last night it came to light that there is nothing (that we could find) in any manual regarding what the cadets should address PI's.

    Does anyone have any clues?
  2. Mate, Bruv, GeezerAny of the above innit!!
  3. Usually PI, Some Counties have PI's called Sergeant (The PI just being a mark of you being probationary) or Staff (Like a PTI would be called Staff) and finally some counties just have you called Mr (Insert Name Here) though to be honest as a PI the cadets most likely call you all sorts behind your back because they believe PI's as a default setting know shit all.

  4. Based upon no formal rank I would say "staff " should suffice however if corps badged ,SOME sad pathetic and weird AI's may take offence to the use of their honourary rank.......

    Altenatively MR .............?

    OR brown owl ?
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  5. I sense incoming paedophile jokes.

    Stand by...
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  6. Thank everyone, we thought Staff would be appropriate, Mattb I sense that too.
  7. Just the PIs? :joker:
  8. Yeah you are right, Cadets believe everyone knows shit all as Cadets are the fountain of knowledge when it comes to everything from First aid to War Fighting
  9. Dib dab dob

    soz i am dyslexic
    scouts honour

    oh its acf

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  10. in that case, just for you,

    Mr Saville, The accused, rapist, or even Stuart*.

    *who is most definitely innocent unless proven guilty at a later stage.
  11. My Mummy always said the strange men were called Uncle.