How should Cadet Sergeant Majors be addressed?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by joedk1, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. How should the following be addressed by others junior to themselves:

    1) 'Cadet' Sergeant Majors of - Sgt/Maj?
    - CSM?
    - RSM?
    2) Adult SMIs?
  2. 1) Mate.
    2) Fella.
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  3. Boy.
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  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Oh Christ.....this will go horribly wrong in the wrong forum.

    In front of the cadets address them as Sgt Major/CSM/RSM as per regimental custom.

    Advise them that the rank is honorary and has no meat.

    Same with adults.

    They are kids and scout masters.
  5. Cheers for the advice !
  6. This question must be a windup, surely? Arrse amazes me; why not ask someone in the county CoC instead of some random website?

  7. Hang on, shouldn't you already know that? Cadet Sgt Majors are addressed by their rank by subordinate cadets and SMIs are "Sir" to Cadets and AIs.

    SMIs should not expect any deference from soldiers unless they have activley volunteered to help at a Cadet Unit, even then that deference will be out of choice and should never be taken for granted or abused.
  8. Brown Owl?
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  9. In my best Capt Mainwaring impression, 'You stupid boy'

  10. Do what you like, because I have more pressing concerns like the safety and well being of other peoples kids (maybe even yours) but how about some basic military courtesy?

    I've just spent a week on a STANTA camp and every morning I saw an RAF Regiment Cpl, who whether cadets were in earshot or not said 'Good Morning Sergeant' and I replied 'Good Morning Corporal'

    I later had a chat with him in the Tri-Bar, and he is well aware of my honorary status as he was an ex-cadet. Manners cost nothing, and old fashioned and dated as that maybe in 21st century Britain, those wearing the Queens Uniform, whether cadet, AI, soldier or Officer should know better.
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  11. I take it that gave you a big 'Hard-on W o t W's.

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  12. Do fcuk off please FFS!
  13. Gentlemen, your responses merely prove my point. Contempt is your default position.
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    Now I understand.
  15. "son"