How shit is Cadbury chocolate

We have been having a running battle Fray Bentos over the shite quality of their meat pies.
Even they admit they are made down to a price.
If you're talking about those things in tins, I thought that they were only ever eaten by people on caravan holidays.


I concur but as I'm not a fish lover I tend to stick to steak pudding, chips peas and gravy or steak pie, chips peas and gravy.
Why anyone would want to eat the shite Maccy D's, Nando's et al put out is beyond me.
We have some cracking chippys in this neck of the woods . Georges in Leek is my favorite for Friday chippy tea.


There is a really decent chippy in Lochwinnoch. The only pity is that is about miles and miles away from me, but the time I spent in the queue waiting to order and then collect my special fish supper after an absolute arse of a bike ride in the dark of a deep December a while back was well worth it.

home page is the badger.
On that note I advise against crunchie bars

Apparently when inserted into lady parts its a fizzy tingly sensation that rapidly becomes a stingy burny one.
Who else is buying some to-morrow?


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Fray Bentos used to be lush, and great value. A few years ago i bought three as they were only a pound each and i remembered them being full of big chunks of steak and kidney from my youth.
I opened the first one took one look at the contents and binned it. The other two are languishing at the back of the cupboard waiting for the Zombie appocalypse.
Even the zombies won't eat them.
Alas proper fish and chip shops seem to be few and far between - really rare. I think one of the reasons is that fish is so expensive. Chippies kicked off in the late 19th century when the railways could bring cheap fresh fish caught by poor-ish fishermen, to the cities. MacDonalds is dire as an option but can be very handy when you're travelling - well in Germany anyway. In Israel Macdonalds is insanely expensive - I cannot fathom why it's so popular here.
I bet Mc Rib isn't. :oops: ;)


Even the zombies won't eat them.
That's because you don't eat them for the meat, it's all about the pastry, crunchy on top and slimey wet lino underneath.

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