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How shit is Cadbury chocolate

Anyone had that Hotel Chocolat stuff? It's far too expensive to be spunking my own cash on, but I've had a slab bought for me & its decent gear.

Over-priced, mass produced gunk. Once the masses cotton on, that will be another High Street retailer heading down the plughole.
Milk Tray has to be the worst chocolate ever and Milk Chocolate is ,was and always will be disgusting gunk. Dark Chocolate on the other hand is heaven in a bar ( as long as it's NOT Bournville ).

Aye& all the James bond films are fucking toss.


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But only the crumbliest flakiest chocolate...




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This is today's chocolate of choice:

Tiffin, anybody? Or Old Jamaica?

Somewhere, I've probably still got my Fruit & Nut Party membership card.

Cadbury's weren't bad with their chocolate coated/enclosed confectionery - even the Bar 6 was a match for KitKat - but for straight chocolate, there were always better manufacturers around.


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caburys base dairy milk chocolate certainly tastes better than anyone elses. roses are a decent selection but milk tray has allways been a bit suss IMO.

the EU wanted to rename it as per the norm for its veggie fats not being like the milk fats they use but probably more because british recipe chocolate is rather popular over there and they are very protectionist about anything except british goods. the euro chocolate I most come across now is the stuff in the gold chocolate money I get from my dad every xmas.

milka upped their game and probably make the closest thing to brit chocolate. but you cant beat a big bar of cadburys fruit and nut. :)
What happened to the Marmite Chocolate ?

I ate it. Took a while though as I wasn't sure whether I was going to vomit. Yet it had a mildly addictive quality that prevented me from throwing it in the bin. Not addictive enough to buy another bar, though.


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So I could buy a bar , swap it with me good stuff and the phantom choccy eater would implode ?

I think you might notice who it is.
Army rumour service. and you thought a thread on chocolate was a good idea?

are you Your Mums Pal in disguise?


To be fair, almost every other food group has had a thread on ARRSE. Granted, they were posted in the Cookery thread!
Blasphemous as it may seem,chocolate doesn't do anything for me,not a great sweety person either.

I can remember it coming of ration,in the early 50's,I bought the occasional 'Frys Five Boys' (it's not a euphemism,honest),as a treat back then but,gave it up at a very early age,and don't get choccy at all (my missus makes up for it).

The only 'choccy' I ever enjoyed was,the old survival rats 'chocolate in a tin',anyone remember that? :woot:

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