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How shit can life get?

Well, he passed at 16.50 yesterday, now comes the task of starting to sort out his home. My first job is to catalogue all of his model kits, apparently around 300 of them, and put them up for sale (I'll chuck a list up for them on here for those who dabble). We know where all of the relevant paperwork is so that made things a bit easier. Should have the death cert by the end of the week and can start the ball rolling on the financial side and arranging the funeral.
TBH, the OH took it better than I thought she would, no tears when I met her in the pub last night as she wanted to have a drink with friends in his memory.
Feel free to use arrse as a sounding board for "how much is this worth?" Questions.
There's a lot of shyte bags out there masquerading as second hand dealers, who'll rip you a new one on pricing.
Sincere condolences to you and yours Joker. I am amazed that it was not in a doctor's remit to tell him and that it had to fall to you.

You've done well though and hopefully the hard part is done now.