How shiite is Iraq

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Shakespeare, May 20, 2006.

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  1. Personal Opinion Is That It Is Shit. Any Offers!
  2. i think its mint, every meal a banquet every pay check a fortune.

    matress, bar, sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

    of course... i live in remfville.
  3. Do you want it on a 1-10 scale

    I have been to sh=ttier places but not much sh=ttier

    That'll be SLB then TLH?
  4. So good, I'm taking the wife and kids this year. Far better than two weeks in Pwthelli.

  5. ............ooooooh memories of Butlins there..........

    or have I drank too much already?
  6. Best thing that ever happened to that place was the gale that blew it all over. It was like Auschwitz without the cheery guards and fun activities.
  7. the country smells, the people dont even speak english very well and the birds are minging, so its just like being in blandford.
  8. yep, place stinks of sh*t, the people do smell BAD, the birds are minging, and it makes Blandford look like LA.

    on a plus note, i did bench my bird crewman , on a brit campcot in my 9x9. Only problem was that she reflects everything i said above !!
  9. Shame on you, benching you det doris. got any pictures you want to share round or do we need to call the RAF for a arial shot of the mutter.