how seriously is BMI taken?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ADking, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. tried a search, couldnt find much..

    Im 5'9 , 97kg's BMI is roughly 32.
    I weight trained for 2 years prior to apllying for the army, put on alot of weight that way, run the PFT in under 9 mins, PB is 8:36.
    So if this is taken into account will I be let through, or do I need to lose 2 stone to get down to BMI of 28?

    Im not sure where im going to get 2 stone from as I dont have much fat on my body.
    I dont have selection until April 2012, going for rifles.
  2. The army use height, weight and waist measurements to ascertain your BMI, but if you ask you local AFCO they will be able to help you further.

  3. my son's bmi was over 28 they just measured his % body fat and said it was fine at 11%. He works out a lot and keeps fit and had no fat to lose from anywhere.
  4. BMI is designed for population studies, not individuals and so, it's totally meaningless when applied to an individual.
  5. Great innacurate first whos sock puppet are you???
  6. Spammer, reported.
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  8. BMI is taken more seriously by the Defence Medical Services than it really deserves. But that's the army for you - lots of petty rules. Get used to it. The medics will look at you and if you look like a fit rugby prop (or a medium cat weightlifter) you will get almost certainly through.

    (Hell, I look like a kilderkin and I still get through what is technically a joining medical. I am ancient, though.)
  9. Yeah............But if you are an 'in denial' Fat Knacker, like a lots of obese knackers now a days. The medics will suss it out & hopefully, you won't get in. The Army needs Fit people, not Fat knackers.
    The OP said he was 5'9" with a BMI of 32 & had done as personal best, a BFT at 8min 32 secs.
    Even if he was a muscley fat free rugby player or weight lifter, I would be prepared to organise a proper BFT for him.
    Because unless he's superman........there's NO WAY!
    The guy is clearly a Fitness Walt!
  10. Not sure what you are trying to say here?
    I play rugby for cornwall U18's, weight train 5 nights a week, and have been running 2 miles, 3 nights a week for the last 6 months.
    a PB of 8:36 is definately realistic, and I know it is correct.
  11.'re 5'9" & your BMI is 32.........Now that is well into the Morbidly Obese bracket.

    Now assuming that those figures are correct. & I'm only going by what you've indicated, that would make you VERY Muscley, in the Arnie Schwaznegger or Charles Atlas mould.
    Or you are a wobbling tub of lard!

    Lets go with the scenario, that you are just a big fit lad!

    Either way, an over developed person in that mould, would be stong, certainly, & he would be capable of sprinting in short bursts, 100/200 or even 300m.
    But to sustain that throughout a distance is VERY unlikely, well cetainly not at the timings you mention.

    If in the very unlikely event, you are actually telling the truth. Then the Army will jump at the chance of employing you. Because you'll be the only Morbidly Obese person in the Army with a BMI of 32, who can do a PFT in 8.32mins.:)
  12. Far too seriously, when you consider that it is
    according to wiki.

    It is a simple method of putting the fear of God up people on medicals. Now, does anyone mind if I have that last donut?
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  13. Seen that before, during trade training there was an Pioneer Cpl called Rick who could easily be a stunt double for Frank Bruno, the guy was massive. I think he just barely passed a BFT but you could stick a 100lb bergan on his back and his BFT time would be exactly the same. Don't think he had anything to worry about in terms of people judging his fitness.
  14. BMI of 32 is obese, just. Definately not morbidly obese.
    Not sure what distance your working on then, a PFT for me is 800m warm up followed by 1.5 miles in best time,
    Im not here to argue over the internet about a run time I know I have run,
    BMI is a mesurement directly corresponding to your height, therefore 5'9 with a BMI of 32 makes me 97kg's,
    as mentioned in the first post.
  15. Bloke on my CIC was 6'4" and 24 stone. Ran his PFT in 9:30. He is one big unit!
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