How sad are you?

Well this is pretty sad but here goes...

You know in between programmes on the BBC they have a fill in whilst someone announces the next item - These include some skateboarders, some Africans jumping around, and class of amature ballroom dancers.

Right, well, I'm sure you have all noticed the one which features 3 couples dancing and the one at the bird at the front is particularly fit. Towards the end, she does a twirl and her leg kicks right up revealing a lot of thigh - Come on guys you know the one.

Ok, so I recorded this on DVD, stuck it in my computer, watched it frame by frame and paused it at the moment when she revealed the maximum amount of thigh. I then saved it as a picture and printed it out. This then accompanyed me all round the world and served as an excellent bit of WMB (w*nk memory bank material). Sadly, it was lost in the wash, and later deleted from my computer by my errant lady.

Can any other members beat the sheer patheticness of this endeavour...
When I was on Telic, I lent my laptop to one of the lads. This was under the instruction not to take the laptop the the bogs to crack one off.

Sad tw*t put a porn film on the laptop and recorded 10 second clips of it with his mobile. He then linked them together and put it on repeat to make a mini porn film w*nk show.
Sad? You don't want to know what's on my computer. Among the gems: a pic of some Bond girl from 25 years ago. A pic of Connie Chung (orientals turn me on). A pic of Whitney Houston (SOME black babes turn me on). A pic of some Latin babe from some movie (Latin babes turn me on). A pic of Cher (fcuk if I know why). A pic of Mary Lou Retton (she was a cute little sh*t). Quite a few Indian porn pics (something unusual about them, but they turn me on, even if they chirp like parakeets). A pic of Janet Reno (was a bit drunk that night).

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