How Russian diplomacy works in Czech republic


Russian Armed Forces General Staff
chief Yury Baluyevsky and Czech First Deputy Defense Minister Martin
Bartak gave special attention to plans to deploy a U.S. radar station in
the Czech Republic...
General Baluyevsky expressed regret...
It was also stressed that this negative factor will remain an
irritant in Russian-Czech relations for many years to come,

The Czech parliament will not adopt a resolution on the deployment of the radar, integrated in the U.S. ABM system, at least before the end of the year, Czech First Deputy Defence Minister Martin Bartak has said after the end of the talks with General Yuri Baluyevsky, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.
Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe not...

Former Czech central banker Josef Tosovsky has been nominated by Russia to head the International Monetary Fund, IMF board sources said on Tuesday, making him the second candidate proposed for the job.

Czech energy giant CEZ,
listed in Prague and in Warsaw, sees further acquisition targets in
Russia and Ukraine
The Czech energy giant earlier this month announced it had entered into
exclusive talks with Moscow municipal authorities to build a 600 MW gas-
fired power plant some 6 kilometers north of the Kremlin
This April, CEZ signed a preliminary agreement with Russian RAO JES and
its subsidiary TGK-4 on a joint-venture project to reconstruct two
steam-gas units with 400-420 MW capacity at the Stchokino power station
some 200 kilometers south of Moscow, as well as build two new brown-
coal-fired units at the site.
Moreover, markets have speculated about CEZ being involved in
construction of an additional 1,200 MW capacity in Moscow.

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