How right is mr.Cheney

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Many criticise American politctians for short minded approach to international affairs, for their inability to analyse a dominant trend in World politics. Many... but not me (are you happy Andy?). Just yesterday, honourable mr.Cheney sounding his mini-Fulton speech expressed his skills in real-politik.

    The 'SnowWhite' from Washington arrived in Lithuania to please 'her' political dwarfs.

    He is absolutely right Russia doesn't fear clowns from so called 'strong stable democracies'.

    Indeed, after removing of British 'rocks' right of 'the people' were restricted.

    Of course we are the best friends.

    As true friends the Russians decided to support this statement by a concrete step. Today Gazsprom declared that gas-prices for Lithuania will be up for additional $30 (for 1000 cm) from 1 July. Lithuanian president that hosted this political kindergarden voiced maybe the most expensive speech in the Lithuanian history.

    As a result today import of Georgian mineral water in Russia has been banned (previously it has been done toward Georian wimes).
  2. I'm not a fan of Cheney and Bush by any means and if anything I've been pro-Russian more so than most. But Sergei the reality is that a lot of Russians in my opinion are frankly jealous of America and a bit humiliated or at least angry at the loss of prestige that the fall of the Soviet Union and the terrible 90's brought them including beggars on the streets, Phds working as prostitutes and so on. The high price of oil, which won't last forever, has allowed Russia to avoid having to reform their economy and given nationalists an attitude where they can flaunt their deepest resentments against the West, especially the US.

    You have to admit that Russians under the guise of the Soviet Union did some terrible things to their neighbors, although it might be argued that Georgia gave you Stalin and Beria so perhaps the score there is 1-0 in their favor. In some ways Russia is reaping what she sowed but the point being is that the price of oil has minimized any real impact except hurt pride from NATOs new borders.

    Of course it doesn't help that we've got dogmatic nitwits like Cheney and Condoleeza (a Phd in Russian studies who barely speaks Russian) who still suffer from a 'cold war' hangover running things. They've completely dropped the ball on the Russian-US relationship. Combine that with the new more nationalist Russian stance and it's a mess. I saw it start a few years ago in my own job with the treatment of Russians that we were trying to get visas for work and professional visits to the US, they're treated like garbage, it's infuriating to me to see skilled scientists, doctors, businessmen and engineers subjected to it. I'm drifting off topic but the slowdown of Russian visas to the US is a sensitive subject to me, completely idiotic in its approach, I frankly believe there should be a very major increase in the numbers allowed to come here.
  3. Hi Virgil!

    Thank you for your post.

    Russians are frankly jealous of America? Maybe, but now it is not so important. From my point of view Russian problems were created mainly by ourselves.

    Economical reforms? There is a capitalism now and profits as a magnet attracts unvestors as honey attracts flies. Look at auto-industry. Ford always has a plant. Toyote, Nissan and VW will have own plants soon. BMW, Renault, KIA, Hyundai cars are being assembled. Chrysler Sebring will be produced soon on existed big plant in Nizhniy Novgorod. For Mitsubishi Russia is the main market in Europe. And they think about own plant in Russia too. I have heard a serious forecasts that in 2027 Russia will have the strongest economy in Europe.

    Recerves of Russin central bank hit $240 bln. mark. Btw, just yesterday I heard that reserves (gold/currency) of BRIC-countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are bigger now than all G7-countries reserves.

    In this context what USA could propose to small countries - Russian neighbours? Loans, donations? This money would be in Russian pockets soon. Military shield? Russia doesn't need to occupy any country. For what reason? To bear responsibility for local population? To feed it?

    Mr.Cheney received a clear message. He demanded that Russia must do this and that and Russia swiftly has made exactly opposite steps. Mr.Putin was invited on the conference but low-ranked diplomat from local embassy was sent instead.

    Russia challenges USA. It openly disobeys orders from Washington. So it is a turning point for Russian-American relation. There are two possibilities:

    1. New Cold war.
    2. Cooperation with mutual recognised spheres of interests.

    Current situation is unstable. Ms. Rice (I believe) understands it and prefers variant #2 but fears to look too dovish.

    As for visas. I don't know. I have neve been to USA. I work with one nice Jewish woman. Her son is studing in Yeshiva university in New York. He hasn't any problems with visas. Btw Misha decided to return to Moscow after graduation. There are many possibilities now here.

  4. The Russian's stopped being an ally when they gave intelligence to Saddam. Now Putin is going down the same path with Iran which almost guarantee's some type of military action.
  5. I think that it rather prevents than guarantees.
  6. You are both right and wrong, Russia and China's stance prevents collective UN mandated mil action being taken against Iran but increases the chances that Bush will say fcuk it and do it alone or with one or 2 other countries.