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How relevant are the police to you?

Which would you call: the Thin Blue Line or Reggie and Ronnie.

  • The Boys in Blue every time. Otherwise we have anarchy.

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  • Depends. Is it immediate or can it wait a week or two?

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  • For scaring neds there's a big nasty bloke with a stick - for everything else there's the

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  • Law and Order's clearly not safe in their hands, why shouldn't we take it into ours.

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JoseyWales said:
No it wasn't. Because he told them all if they came near my mother's neighbours they would receive the same treatment..
Similar methods were used to return my car stereo, and dig out the little scrote who nicked my mums car!
The local plod seemed quite chuffed to find my and a couple of friends stereo's outside the local nick, dumped apparently?
Hm. I spent seven or eight years running pubs in Luton (not the nicest town) and have extensive experience dealing with both the local hard men and the police. As a general rule of thumb, a local hard man is useful when dealing with other local hard men, as a certain type of cnut will pay attention to a kicking whereas he wouldn't give a monkey's about ending up in court and would see jail time as something to boast about to the lads. You have to be a bit careful about which hard man you use for said job as a favour is generally expected in return and it's best to have an idea about what kind of business the chappie is involved in beforehand. Otherwise you'll end up carting vanloads of skank powder or stolen tv's cross country. Apart from that give me the police every time. A local tough guy is only the big man until he meets someone harder than him (and most of them are just walking egos with tiny dicks), whereas the cops have unlimited backup and, given the right circumstances, a very pleasing keeness to use it. I've had forty cops turn up and kick out 200 pikeys for me, I've had a part-timer stop me getting bottled, and I've witnessed innumerable Friday/Saturday night "incidents" which were dealt with swiftly and professionally. The police are top and I'm bang onside when it comes to supporting them.


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yamkwak said:
leveller said:
marco_poloroid said:
Crack on. one less crime report for me to fill in (and file undetected)

Just don't go running to the plod when it all goes pete tong...
Oh, like reporting it to the police will make a difference?
Yes it just might, because if everyone stopped being so apethetic and actually did report EVERY crime, then there would be a huge leap in crime figures = massive pressure on Gov and potentially some proper laws/action being taken. yes I know how frustrating it can be calling the cops and getting little or no response for days and I speak here not just as a cop but also as a victim of crime. But if the system is so fcuked up, do something about it, encourage people to report EVERYTHING that happens. It would soon overwhelm the service and show the Gov how really bad the system is right now. Don't forget you cant measure how much crime is prevented by Police action..Impossible to measure...badger your local Inspector and get things DONE for the better. If the Police don't know its going on how do you expect them to react? talking generally here but we can only influence change by starting at the bottom...

Not sure I agree with the highlighted bit of your post. Here, in Cambridge, cycle theft makes up 25% of reported crime. Or rather it did. A new initiative to reduce the crime meant that now the police will not accept a report of a bike being stolen. Unless you happen to have been forcibly knocked off it at the time. New methods of dealing with crime means that all cycle thefts are to be treated as "lost" bikes, and recorded thus. I, as an ex copper, found this difficult to accept, but my attempts to dissuade the person at other end of the telephone came to naught, my daughter's bike was just lost or misplaced. I assume that the chain and security lock, which had been cut through with bolt cutters, was also 'lost or misplaced'

At a stroke, a quarter of crime figures have been sorted and all is tidy once more.
Isn't replacing faith in the police with faith in local hard men how vermin like Sinn Fein/IRA, Hamas or the BNP work?

So, around here the police are irrelevant because the chances of seeing one when you need them are practically zero, but I would never consider going elsewhere for my law enforcement needs.
The average Bobby is ok, its much like the rest of the country with the rules theyve got to play by, resticted by red tape, human rights laws being twisted by money grabbing lawyers etc.

How many times do you see on TV on the "Real Crime" type police programmes where criminal scrotes are arrested but later released without charge due to witnessess not wanting to make a statement etc.

The police have got a real shitty job to do,which the majority try to do to the best of their abilities, they get my backing.

I keep offering out local beat bobby a cuppa which he keeps refusing, probably knows Ill put Exlax in it!
angular said:
Isn't replacing faith in the police with faith in local hard men how vermin like Sinn Fein/IRA, Hamas or the BNP work?

So, around here the police are irrelevant because the chances of seeing one when you need them are practically zero, but I would never consider going elsewhere for my law enforcement needs.

first line - well spotted

i guess the problem you're having in the uk is a scarcity of police force
and the exchange by pcsos is definitely no lateral transfer for lacking cops in the streets
I have little faith in the police being able to help me or my family even if they want to. At best you get an incident number.

I actually caught some scrote trying to steal a neighbours car, he was sat in the car trying to start it, but after spending 25 mins on the phone to some bint at the control center she decided not to send anyone out to lift the scrote. The scrote thought it was funny up to the point I accidently stood on his fingers....er while he was trying to affect his escape.

I did go to the local nick and make a complaint the next day and went through the police complaints procedure.

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