How relevant are the police to you?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smartascarrots, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. The Boys in Blue every time. Otherwise we have anarchy.

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  2. Depends. Is it immediate or can it wait a week or two?

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  3. For scaring neds there's a big nasty bloke with a stick - for everything else there's the

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  4. Law and Order's clearly not safe in their hands, why shouldn't we take it into ours.

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  1. Based on the admission by a senior policeman (BBC LINK) that some people turn to 'community fixers' rather than the police, I got to wondering how many people would still prefer Plod over the local Big Man?
  2. Another Police thread. I thought this was an Army site.

    Still with hands tied by red tape and human rights and a crap legal system the above does have merit. Be careful though once beholden......
  3. Crack on. one less crime report for me to fill in (and file undetected)

    Just don't go running to the plod when it all goes pete tong...
  4. When my father died some ba****** tried to steal his ladders from the yard.

    A couple of weeks later my mother was disturbed in her sleep by voices outside the house.

    My brother nicknamed, 'The Bull' went to every pub and told all therein, "If anyone tries to steal from my mother again, I will have you, you and you - whether you did it or not."

    End of crime wave.
  5. As much as the old bill gets a slating, I'd still go for them everytime. Maybe I'm fortunate in not living in a shitehole where a local hardnut is seen as the authority. I reckon the police get a raw deal these days, governed and controlled by too much red tape, paperwork and policies dreamed up by cnuts.
  6. -Very relevant when I'm driving.

    -Not relevant at all when on foot, after all I cant get done for speeding, tax, insurance, eating, talking on the phone, picking my nose, (though I expect some new law to soon to make all of the above illegal soon).

    Sorry, but I have no trust or faith in the police, when it comes to mr average.
  7. I can only applaud this. It is right on so many fronts.

    For your family - End of matter (and i bet your brother felt good).

    Taxpayer - No endless police time and money wasted.

    Filth - No paper work and crime figures to complete

    Scrote Bags - Know where they stand.
  8. Wouldn't even know who to approach!
  9. Agreed, too many police threads appearing, and the poll is pretty much irrelevant.

    Much as I dislike the way the police (generally their management) do things, it's still better than the way the local scum do things and a reasonable second best to sorting out your own problems the "proper" way.

    Mind you, if it keeps the old bill away from taking random pot shots at Brazilians or hanging around my doorstep begging to fill up my Armitage Shanks, then I'm all in favour of bunging them some work to do. I heard they really enjoy following up with the paperwork, gives 'em a chance to hang around the station posting on ARRSE :twisted:
  10. And yet you are advocating and promoting Section 15 Theft Act 1968 offences with regard to Ipods.

  11. No, the iPod concerned was already physically damaged, reportedly (at that time) beyond economic repair, against which it was presumably insured

    Unless, of course, dropping something that was (reportedly) damaged beyond repair into a bath full of water makes it even more damaged and therefore even more unrepairable 8O

    That's why there may be too many police threads and too many mistakes being made, too many assumptions being made

    Obtaining property by deception indeed, and without any mens rea or tangible motive!

    CNUT yourself
  12. I go to the Don in his cafe, He does me a favour , I make his daughter a nice wedding cake, kapish?

    But really i suppos i would have to go to the Polircee as i do not of any "community fixers" in Grimsby, if you do let me know cheers
  13. S15 Theft Act 68, been supercede by the Fraud Act 2006, much simpler, but then again need some detail about what you r talking about. Is Pyro advocating 'pirating' music. In which case I think this would come under copyright laws.
    the only way you can place music on ipod mp3 etc is if you paid for the track or you own the original cd and are 'backing' it up..........
  14. Back on thread again Callum.