How quickly things change

A while back the present Mrs R and I were in the Netherlands. A small town about 15km from Amsterdam. Blazing hot day, so we stopped at a canal side cafe for a couple of cooling beers and a light bite. After a pleasant interlude, three American girls sat opposite. Then the waitresses work started. After translating the whole menu for them (there was a menu in English, but they didn’t look at it), the Yankee trio ordered drinks. Which were inadequate. Not enough ice, beer not what they thought etc. So waitress runs to and fro, bar to tables (over the road).
Then the food arrived. I had half an ear out when these Daughters of the American Revolution ordered and thought “OK, they are hungry”. Not fat girls, they had ordered enough for about six people. Ate a few forkfuls, all the time complaining about the heat, the locals, the food, their hotel and all the time on their phones. I know that’s par for the course for the youngsters these days, but a more ungrateful, whinging group of spoiled kids you would not like to meet.
And the point is the whinging and whining when done in American is toe-curlingly awful. Petulant, pitiful and pathetic. Not a shred of self-awareness or humour.
We drank up and left. And no, I do not have any photos of their norks.
Sounds like FOBs...most Americans (gals and guys) who've been well travelled and/or living elsewhere have decent toned down accents and well spoken...including, myself, even if I say it so..
There's a whiney nasal accent favoured by young American women that penetrates like a jagged chunk of shrapnel. Makes me want to crush the source of the racket in their throats with a large rock again and again and again and again and again...
Not all...mid-western is one of the softer accents..


I live in the heart of the Ozarks and often when I'm speaking to a local I think I have been transported back to an area in Armagh. The accents are very similar and, most likely, both stem from the same people a long time ago.

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