How proud?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. On opening page 49 of the Daily Mail yesterday imagine the grin that appeared on my face at this headline.

    After my recent disappointment at the the Army Open day all faith and hope in my former Corps has been restored.


    After reading the story it dawned on me that it was unlikely to be the accident that turned him in to a sex fiend, but more likely the stack of Rodox, color climax and sex **** mags that were propping up his hospital bed
  2. "Once, when he was in rehab, he took a bus and saw a girl he liked the look of. He moved from the front to the back so that he could spend the journey staring at her breasts. I hope, and believe, he now realises this sort of behaviour is inappropriate."

    B0llocks, I bet the slag was loving the attention.

    I'll book myself in.
  3. :D Are they trying to turn him into a puff? I see nowt wrong with that!! :D
  4. What's wrong with that? I do this all the time. Neighbours aren't too chuffed, but fcuk 'em.
  5. Sounds like typical squaddie behaviour to me ;)
  6. Isn't that standard public transport drills for any bloke?
  7. Delete ski accident - insert 'found the gluwhein stand'
  8. With that attitude to wimmin, its a wonder he wasn't aircrew.
  9. Alex and I were on the 1 Regt Australia Hockey tour together back in 2000.
    Throughout all the training, many Regimental matches and socially, Alex was always a nice bloke in the true sense.

    I knew that he had an accident skiing later on that year, and I think it was a shock to the whole squad, but I never knew how things were turning out.
    Shipped off to Gosport and that's it!! (sounds middle easty familiar!!)

    Reaction from the MoD seems pretty SOP though!
    Also seems ironic that the article in the Mail is under the heading, 'Good Health!

    Sorry to hear what's happening Alex, hope it turns out ok for you in the end.
  10. I am shocked and appalled, He's got a loose thread on his Beret Backing!
  11. I was on that hockey tour too silsoesid :) I liked Alex back then - I like him even more now ;)
  12. talk about advanced blue beret syndrome.... and by the way, whats wrong with walking around bollocko?
  13. Since the 'modern Army' wants the modern man the criteria is that he should be a faggot so I can see this woman's dismay.
  14. A sad story, typical response off the family though, assuming that the MOD owes them money when it was them who straightened him out in the first place, giving him purpose and direction, giving him the chance of joining a ski team and having 3 months intensive training for virtually nothing. I've skiied loads and have only worn a helmet during racing, never ecreationally and have never seen any others doing it either.

    Thoughts with the family, but come on.