How Physically demanding is Selection

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Harvo, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. conserning the above im 16 years old, run time 1.5, senior Army cadet, aiming for AFC Haroogate then 2RTR got Selection July 25th, just a few queries and im wondering if you can help with your experience and wisdom :)

    Will i find it hard

    what will i do

    any idea of how well i SHOULD do

    thanks Harvo
  2. You SHOULD do your very best!
  3. ALWAYS.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Any idea of how well you should do? Your best. Never aim to do any less than that. Dont have a minimum standard, give your best each and every time.
  5. ok let me put it another way given my run time,age,the fact im doing my best how well should i do? will it be hard for me?...
  6. If you are doing your best.. of course it will be hard. How can you both do your best AND take it easy?

  7. Mnay factors determine how well you will do, in particular your size, weight, but mainly (from what I can gather) how much preparation you've put in. Your only tested on two things, sit ups (of which 54 continuous ones must be completed, I think in two mins) and the 1.5 mile run, times for which vary but anyone worth their salt should be aiming for around 10.30. The Army Careers web site gives info on the other things you do on selection, they include a 20kg jerry can walk, dynamic lift etc,

    There's a few threads about selection, preparing for it etc, full of useful and informed info so have a mooch around for them. And remember that no matter how much you train, work out and run, these things will still hurt. Look at top athletes when they're competeing, they still looked whacked. Good luck.
  8. no, do your best give it your all, take the pain it wont be easy , but it will be rewarding
    shut your mouth, open your ears
    NEVER EVER SAY: "But this is how we did it in cadets"
    personally i wouldn't even mention it
    and enjoy it :)
    good luck mate
  9. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    For a start get the mods to change the title of this thread from 'selection'.

    Slinging words like that will get you hung!!!!!

    If you are asking questions about it on here you're wasting time in preparation, get out and do the mileage and at 16 you wanna be doind less than 9 minutes not feckin' 1030!!!!

  10. ok thank you all
  11. God, I was just about to go into a rant because I thought this was for "them"...
  12. Strangely enough, so was I!
  13. Don't get the wrong impression but as i want to be a tankie im more bothered about my upper body especially arms
  14. Well mate you should!
    Especially concentrate on heaves to a beam and practice your press ups as these will be part of the tests you will have at the RSC!
    And just because you want to be a tankie you shouldn't aim to give any less throughout the tests! remember Phase 1 training is the same for everybody in the army, its the transistion from civvy to soldier, who knows you might even change your choice of capbadge at Harrogate, Many do!

    Still good luck.
  15. :
    oops: Should know this by know Havvro! Whatever requirments youll need for 2rtr will be stated after basic, you should get yourself in Cav anyway.