How PC are promotions within multi cap-badged Regiments?

In particular I am interested in HQ Coy and SNCO's.

Are all posititions open to all cap badges or is there a quota to be met?

Do persons get promoted to ensure badge stability rather on qualifications/time served/merit?
No takers then?

I am not interested in people moaning about being passed over but the reality of things.

As a TA Centre, HQ Coy recruits just like the others. So how do they decide which cap badge to give them?

Personally, I did hear of some friends who had to change cap badges to either stay in that rank or move up. Is that a case of being PC or in some units are the numbers that low it's the only way to fill a post?
I think you've possibly hit a raw nerve.
My honest answer is that of course there are politics involved, whether it be capbadge or personality based.
Let's face it, in multi cap badge TA Bn's we all tot up how many of our own capbadges hold HQ Coy appointments. In my own case it meant that if the HQ Coy CSM was the same capbadge as me, we would have 3 CSM's out of 7 hopefully thinking the same way. As I'm being truthful, I would add that, outside of boring stuff like drill and shouting a lot, I held the views of two the other four CSM's in at least as high, if not higher regard, as my own capbadge.
Why? because they were clear thinkers who knew what was for the best.
Sandy Boots - I got out before SDR and missed all the fun. I was due to take over a SNCO postion in HQ Coy and would have been in direct competition with the incumbant soldier. I am interested in how posts are filled as I never had to worry that another badge hasn't had it for a while so we have to give them a chance.

Forgive my ignorance on the subject, I am just trying to find out what would have happened if I had stayed in (and believe me - I was looking forward to it but a career move abroad put that to bed)

On my other point, how do they decide on cap badges at HQ Coy when a newbie turns up?
There are obviously Line serial numbers to be filled in each and every unit. Apart from my own cap badge we also have REME, RLC, RAMC, AGC. I am aware of the fact there are only so many posts to go around particularly the further up the tree you go. It has been known to have individuals rebadging in order to: a. further the individuals career, b. fill a vacant post. Quite obviously we have to be flexible in our approach nowadays. I know that it could cause a little friction at times, but certainly that's not neccesarily so in the vast majority of cases. I suppose in other units such as the inf there may be a problem with other arms pinching an inf post and of course a different inf badge, but all that should be weighed up before a decision to transfer is made. Incidently, all those who do rebadge HAVE to gain the qualifications for the post.
Concerning allocation of badges. It's obviously up to the recruiters to decide which badge to offer, based on a balance of individual wishes, unit need and ability. In my unit we strike a balance and see how things progress. We've had occasion to offer transfers between badges several times. If your'e going to get somebody into a slot in which they're happy, will serve the unit well and retain that individual, it's worth taking the time out to make sure it happens.
Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
This question also goes for Sigs and Yeomanry who have been doing this for alot longer than the infantry.
Most Sigs, Yeomanry and Inf outside of London are quite spread out, making inter sqn/coy posts more unlikely (at Sgt level at least), my current regiment only does this to WO2's (and above), my old regiment only moved officers.
In the London Regiment, there will always be an element of multi cap-badge opportunity that must be shared, however this is not at the expense of merit and capability whenever possible. The TA needs great people and contrary to popular belief significant thought goes into career planning (although this does not mean a faultless selection takes place) and whilst a good spread of cap-badges is required, they are in fact chosen by the soldier who joins unless he has transferred from within. OC's are asked if the individual can be affiliated to the Coy of choice, D Coy for example, he should ordinarily agree as the LSN sits with HQ Coy.
Hope that helps?

Thanks AO Inf - considering that most of the new recruits are not aware of the regimental system or what the unit actually does would lend to a fair allocation of cap badges. I was just a little concerned that if the recruiter is say, a Jock, then there would be an influx of Jocks.

Another question worth asking is when do they get told what cap badge they will get? Is it on attestation, before CIC or after CIC?
I thought the multicap badged battalions are being killed off .Bad idea
that worked only because soldiers had no options but to make it work .
Did anyone actually think these were a good idea.

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