How on earth did the US Army end up with their Digicam?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. I've seen lots of Septics wearing the Digicam ACUs and to my eye, it just does not work. They're changing to Crye Precision Multicam, so it seems that Uncle Sam would also agree with my observation.

    Does anyone know how they ended up with the stuff?

  2. Same reason the USAF ended up in their Tiger Stripe Cammy Jammies. Some Yank General with too much free time thought "His Boys" needed to look shiny and special. Just like when some US General watched Lethal Weapon II and decided that his boys would look cool cutting around with a weapon that suffered Catastrophic Slide Failures. They then had a testing session with their favourite choice against all the others (so they could get Wined, Dined and Blown by the other manufacturers) and they then picked the one they wanted to win anyway.

    With British Military Procurement Mysteries, its usually that the company promises to build the piece of kit in question in a marginal constituency.
  3. it must have worked at some point maybe before mass manafacturing took over?
    I seem to recall the beratta 92 worked fine unless you were a seal team putting rather more rounds through them than in the most enthuisatsic shooters would and usually slightly hotter loads than standard as well.

    the usaf tigerstripe no real excuse at all though.
  4. Hi Brighton Hippy. Re Tiger stripe. Ignoring the fact that Tiger Stripes were worn first by the French in Indo China and then by the ARVN - winners both; I especially like the way that a USAF FAC/JTAC now stands out like a bulldogs balls when he's attached to Army/Marine units.

    "You aren't a SEAL until you've eaten Italian Steel". It was my understanding that they only got it working after a major ammo redesign and they added a safety mechanism to it. The SEALs use SIG P228's and HK P9S's and the rather Gucci P-11's now. I don't know of any US SOCOM troops that use the Beretta which probably says it all.
  5. The USAF tigerstripe isn't even a proper camoflauge pattern more a corprate branding exercise ffs.

    Some experts we talk to add that its fractal camouflage pattern works best under indoor office lighting, and tends to wash out somewhat in full sunlight :)
  6. What about the US Navy "cammies?" Ranks high in the "what were they thinking" category when you consider how hard it will be to find some poor sailor who goes overboard in the deep blue sea.

    For you artsy types all dressed in black (not THEM mind you), here is the right brain take on the art of camouflage: The Art of Camo — AIGA | the professional association for design

    Here is the late (and not so great) Jack Murtha speaking from the grave apparently:DoD Buzz | Murtha Questions Army Camo

    And finally for you kit freaks here is an in depth rant from one of your fellows on the Army choice at the time:UCP SUCKS (Universal Camo Pattern) RANT
  7. For more on the M9 controversy see here: The Gun Zone -- The M9 Slide Failures

    Also don't leave out the HK Mk23 SOCOM hand cannon that is the only US pistol tested, procured and "certified" for "offensive" use!
  8. Now the US navys effort is deserves its own very special thread.
    The ideas wrong on so so many levels.
    matlots either work indoors on ships or need really heavy foulweather clothing they don't need map pockets. if there not on a ship there poncing about in an office or a very few are doing warry things or attached to the marines so should dress like one blue doesn't really work as a camoflauge patten anywhere.
  9. This is a bit off topic, but I thought I'd Google the USAF Tiger Stripe to see what it looks like, and found this:

    US Air Force Digital Tiger Stripe

    Brilliant. In fact the whole site is worth a look. Septics!
  11. That's Lovely. Any man would cut a dash in the mess attired in such a splendid fig.
  12. I think those that choose cammo patterns do so using the wrong criteria - that is they view from close up. Most of the images that I have seen show that the cam (DIGI/Multi) works within reason, but from afar (20m and over) the designs merge into one thus exposing the soldier a single blob within a multi coloured landscape. In my opinion a larger pattern would work better as it would disrupt the body distinctly. Denison was a good example of this, as was the urban vehicle can used on British military vehicles in West Berlin, and in extreme the wartime dazzle cam used by ships.
  13. Tiger stripe at its best worn by Velupillai Prabhakaran: Leader of the Tamil tigers.
    killed by a gunshot to the head, for crimes against fashion.



    I'm Spartacus, and so is my wife.
  14. Berlin Brigade Cheiftan

  15. I understood that the USN blue cam uniform was so that it didn't show up oil stains. Maybe a myth.....